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10 places by Mind Map: 10 places

1. tokyo

1.1. I want to see the nice cars.

1.2. see how people drive

1.3. see them race and drift

2. Las Vegas

2.1. Go to circuit curcuit

2.2. see the cooles cars

2.3. see the buildings

3. Six Flags

3.1. get to go on the superman

3.2. get to go on the drop of doom

3.3. get to go on the galliath

4. China wall

4.1. I want to walk on it

4.2. see how high it is

4.3. see how long it is

5. Disney land

5.1. get to see all the cartoons

5.2. get to go on all the rides

5.3. get to relax and just have fun

6. universal studios

6.1. Get to go on all the cool rides

6.2. get to eat lots of food

6.3. get to see some characters like transformers.

7. New york

7.1. get to see the buildings

7.2. get to see the staute of liberty

7.3. get look all around the stores and food places

8. Arizona

8.1. want to go see the wave

8.2. get to go dirt riding

8.3. get to see the grand cayon

9. north Korea

9.1. get to see how it looks

9.2. see if there are cool places to go in Korea

9.3. get to see if the live the way that we do

10. hawii

10.1. get to go on the beach

10.2. learn how to surf

10.3. get to relax