New Students Get Involved

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New Students Get Involved by Mind Map: New Students Get Involved

1. Non Tech

1.1. recruit them into different clubs: Acadec, Choir, Drama, have a day where each club/activity/sport has their own booth around campus where studetns can go and see what FHS has to offer

1.2. show them the fun learning enviroment, cool experiments students at FHS can do, and neat books that get to be read

1.3. the diversity at FHS: Bollywood, Spanish Night

1.4. scavenger hunt: new students go around campus looking for the letter F A M I L Y and when they find them all, they come to roomer's office where he tells them the significance of each of the letters

1.5. the beauty and teamwork

1.6. Do a meet and greet and have them talk to others students like them an even talk to students already attending the school and have them talk to teachers.

1.7. take them to different dances where they could have fun, eat good food, and meet new people

1.8. take them off campus to show them the good food around Fowler and the great community

1.9. give them a tour of Fowler by taking them off campus one day for lunch or having a group take a stroll on a friday, because Fowler has a big impact on FHS because it's the community we live in, so if new students can feel comfortable at Fowler, FHS should be no problem to adapt to

2. Print

2.1. letter, newspaper or even a scroll

2.2. very vivid and bold colors to draw attention

2.3. give number of someone a new student could talk to

2.4. show pictures of the friendly faces at FHS

2.5. have a nice red and black border to show the redcat colors and spirit

2.6. at a corner of the newletter, have dates of different events coming up so that new studenst can particpate

3. Video

3.1. have things go fast and not drag out things slowly

3.2. informative so they come out knowing new things

3.3. have it be fun and very entertaining

3.4. have videos off different cool things done in the class, ex: science experiements

3.5. have video of rally

3.5.1. different clips of athletes

3.6. show videos of the fun things we can do at FHS

3.7. show them the friendly attitude of FHS students

3.8. have videos of different dances: Bollywood, Glow in the Dark, Prom

3.9. video of different students saying hello so that new students have an idea of who to talk to and who wouldn't mind showing them around