Carey - Characters of TKAM

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Carey - Characters of TKAM by Mind Map: Carey - Characters of TKAM

1. Calpurnia

1.1. She acts as the surrogate mother for the Finch family

1.2. She acts very differently when amongst different crowds

1.2.1. For example, when in the Finch household, she speaks just like any other white woman, however when at the black church, she uses a lot of the common black slang.

1.3. She respects Atticus greatly for accepting her so fully into their household

1.4. She can often be quite stern with the children (especially Scout)

2. Boo Radley

2.1. He is a very reclusive person

2.1.1. He rarely exits his front door

2.2. He is very fond of the Finch children

2.2.1. At the very end of the novel, he saves them from Bob Ewell

2.3. There are many rumours of how dangerous he could be

3. Tom Robinson

3.1. He is black

3.2. He was falsely accused of raping Mayella Ewell (Bob Ewell's daughter)

3.3. Despite Atticus Finch's efforts, he was sentenced to death by the Jury

3.4. He escaped from captivity only to be shot down by guards

4. Bob Ewell

4.1. He is incredibly lazy

4.1.1. He has been fired from several easy jobs for this

4.1.2. He is the only one in the county allowed to hunt for food during the off-season, as otherwise his children would starve

4.2. He is often very drunk

4.3. He will often resort to violence

4.3.1. He beat his daughter when he discovered she had attempted to sleep with a black man (Tom Robinson)

4.3.2. He tried to kill Atticus Finch's children (Jem and Scout) after Atticus made his look like a fool in front of the county at court.

5. Scout Finch

5.1. She is the narrator

5.1.1. The story is told in the past tense from Scout's perspective as a fully grown woman.

5.2. She is a tomboy

5.2.1. She would often start fights with other boys in the school and win.

5.3. She could read from a very early age

5.3.1. This very much annoyed her first teacher; Ms Caroline

5.3.2. She was taught by Calpurnia

5.4. She is very perceptive

5.4.1. She was able to pick up on many of the events playing out at the court

5.4.2. She noticed many small and almost unrecognisable movements from the Radley house early in the novel

6. Atticus Finch

6.1. He is a lawyer

6.2. He is the father of Scout and Jem

6.3. Atticus is a strong believer in justice

6.3.1. That is his explanation for accepting Tom Robinson's case, knowing full well from the start that it was a lost cause

6.4. He stands us one of literatures' strongest and most positive father figures

7. Jem Finch

7.1. He is Scout's sister

7.2. His mother died when he was only six

7.2.1. Since Scout was 2 years old when her mother died, she doesn't feel her loss as much as Jem does.

7.3. He looks up to his father greatly

7.3.1. This caused him to be very upset at the outcome of the Robinson trial

7.4. He has a strong sense of honour

7.4.1. He would never say no to a dare