Roman Funerals

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Roman Funerals by Mind Map: Roman Funerals

1. Feast

1.1. The feast was the final marker that told the deceased to go on to the Underworld.

1.2. The feast was held nine days after the funeral.

2. Eulogy

2.1. If the dead was important, they were given a eulogy.

2.2. It was given during the funeral procession.

2.3. It has survived to the present day.

3. Procession

3.1. The more wealth the family had, the flashier the funeral.

3.2. Professional Mourners- women who were paid to participate n the funeral procession.

3.3. Typically held at night, the body was carried in a bed-like tray called a 'bier', which was carried by close family members.

4. Cremation/Burial

4.1. If the deceased was cremated, the ashes were placed in an urn. This was the most common.

4.1.1. Before being placed in the urn, it was believed that the spirit of the deceased had not yet crossed the River Styx.

4.2. If the deceased was buried, they would be placed in huge coffins with no possessions.

4.2.1. The body would be washed and a coin placed in the mouth, as payment to Charon.

5. Commemoration

5.1. Special days were set aside to remember family members.

5.1.1. Parentalia- February 13-21

5.1.2. Lemuria- May 9, 11, 13

5.2. If offerings were made at the tomb, it would placate the spirit, and cause the spirit to remember parts of its life.