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Mater by Mind Map: Mater

1. The representation of the transformational process as a pregnant woman speaks to a deep truth of our existence, namely, in relation to the REALITY OF SPIRIT we are all feminine and "with child" ...

1.1. 'The Pilgrim's Companion', F Aster Barnwell

2. 'Be it done unto me'

2.1. The words of Sophia to Christos.

2.1.1. soul to Source

2.2. 'Submission' to what IS.

2.3. the self that never was

2.4. a temporary but brilliant blossoming of Oneness

2.5. 'Be made then of me'

2.6. This my body and blood - take and receive ...

3. Mariolatry (Sophiolatry) as an appreciation of soul

4. Mary, the new Eve, in the doctrine of the virgin birth ... stands for woman. Archetypically and psychospiritually, woman stands for the womb, the WATERY BAPTISMAL ABYSS ... the human unconsciousness, the belly of Jonah's whale. As Mother ... Mary represents matter ('mater' in Greek ...). She therefore represents the dualism of 'maya', the physical world, understood to be separate from God. The Christed being is always 'born again' directly (virginally) from the Father ... out of this 'Mary' (womb, matter, unconscious, 'maya', emotional depths) in the baptism of the Dark Night of the Soul. That is why, spiritually, Mary is the Mother of God not only in Jesus' case but in the case of every person who is reborn into the Christ Consciousness. ['Putting on the mind of Christ', Jim Marion, p 222-3.]

5. Matter/Mary/Wombman as nothingness appearing as somethingness (dualism). The Christed being emerges from this 'abyss'.