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Pd8_History Hunt: The Divine in NYC by Mind Map: Pd8_History Hunt: The
Divine in NYC
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Pd8_History Hunt: The Divine in NYC

Who In the Group Does What?

Claire Linn - Judaism

Christine Chen - Buddhism

Sonia Amladi - Islam

Hyunsu Kim - Christianity

Addresses and Links to sites you plan to visit

Sonia - Masjid Mosque

20 Warren Street, New York, NY

Claire - Synagogue on Bedford Ave.

Christine - Buddhist Temple on Grand Ave.

Hyunsu - Bronx Spanish Evangelical Church

800 Thurman Munson Way Bronx, NY 10455  

Materials you are using

Person to take picture (don't know if this is listed as materials)

New York Times Newspaper

Google (maps and info)


Student Metrocard/Metrocard

Who Are the Group Members?

Claire Linn

Sonia Amladi

Christine Chen

Hyunsu Kim

How You Plan to Get to Locations

Claire Linn

Subway (L train) and then walking.

Sonia Amladi

Walking using Google map directions

Christine Chen


Hyunsu Kim

MTA Transit (R and 2/3 or 4/5 Trains)

LiveBinder (Link)

Original PC Lab Instructions

Mr. V's FAQ

PC Lab Instructions