Key Events Leading to the Civil War

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Key Events Leading to the Civil War by Mind Map: Key Events Leading to the Civil War

1. Missouri Compromise

1.1. Temporary Solution

1.1.1. Did not resolve overall issue of slavery

1.1.2. Created temporary model for states to enter the Union

1.2. 1 Slave state for every 1 Free

1.3. Was a required due to Western Expansion and addition of new states

2. Western Expansion

2.1. Issue of State's right to chose arose

2.1.1. Some states wanted slavery

2.1.2. Some states oppose slavery

2.2. New Territories had to decide slave or free

3. Election of Lincoln

3.1. Final straw for the South

3.1.1. South Carolina left following election

3.1.2. Battle of Fort Sumter followed the Election

4. Bleeding Kansas

5. Growing difference between North and South