the environment

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the environment by Mind Map: the environment

1. human actions

1.1. overcrowding has caused a great environmental impact since it has made cities expand into the suburbs, increasing housing construction, which has led to deforestation, etc.

1.1.1. overpopulation

1.1.2. global warming

1.1.3. environmental pollution

1.1.4. loss of biodiversity

2. solutions

2.1. are the actions we can take to avoid environmental problems.

2.1.1. recycle waste

2.1.2. avoid using aerosols.

2.1.3. not wasting water

2.1.4. avoid using many vehicles

3. natural disasters

3.1. a natural disasters is a major adverse event resulting from natural proceses of the earth.

3.1.1. floods

3.1.2. tornados

3.1.3. tsunamis

3.1.4. volcanic eruptions

3.1.5. forest fires

4. problems

4.1. remaining are the consequences of natural disasters and human actions.

4.1.1. pollution

4.1.2. Green house gases

4.1.3. atmosphere

4.1.4. deforestation

4.1.5. fracking

4.1.6. carbón footprint

4.1.7. drought