Marketing for Waldoboro Public Library

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Marketing for Waldoboro Public Library by Mind Map: Marketing for Waldoboro Public Library

1. Community Outreach

1.1. Fishing Facts

1.1.1. Waldoboro is a community made up of many lobsterman, fisherman, etc. WPL could put up reminders on local bulletin boards and local paper about Fishing regulations, deadlines, etc. Something like: "Although your clamming license says it expires June 30th 2016, the deadline to apply for a new one is June 17, 2016. For help filling out the application or additional questions call, email, message or stop by the Waldoboro Public Library". I believe this outreach could help generate new patrons.

1.2. Heirloom Seed Program

1.2.1. I would like to work on a way to build WPL a seed program. Below are some ideas to get the community involved in helping build the seed library. Maybe something like: "Bring in a packet of heirloom seeds, receive a “Get out of one late fee” card". Better yet, maybe WPL could pair with a local business. Something like this might really spark some attention for the library: "The Waldoboro Public Library is starting a seed program! Bring in a packet of heirloom seeds and receive a voucher good for one piece of pie at Moody’s Diner".

2. Problems

2.1. Getting local businesses involved

2.2. Budget

2.3. Lack of staff to help execute new marketing ideas

3. Things to Think About

3.1. How will we track what works?

3.2. How do we get the community involved?

3.3. How do we give back to the community?

3.4. Which marketing idea should be tackled first?

3.5. What works? What doesn't?

4. Digital Outreach

4.1. #Authorsays

4.1.1. Geared towards social media platforms. Enlist the help of local authors (and hopefully branch out from there) to discuss one thing about their book/writing process/etc. This idea generates conversation about the author, their book and WPL.

4.2. IAmA "I am A... Librarian"

4.2.1. Using the "IAmA" format made popular by reddit, the library could do AmAs with people around town, authors, etc. People could stop into the library or ask questions online. This would generate attention to the librarian and person doing AmA.

4.3. More Social Media Commitment

4.3.1. WPL has a FaceBook, but no other social media platforms. I would suggest within the next year opening up a Twitter and/or Instagram along with a YouTube channel.