Frank Kern: from Nothing to Millionaire.... and Miserable, to Millionaire & Thriving

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Frank Kern: from Nothing to Millionaire.... and Miserable, to Millionaire & Thriving by Mind Map: Frank Kern: from Nothing to Millionaire.... and Miserable, to Millionaire & Thriving

1. Use the One Question to Make Money

1.1. Step 2: Find Out Who Your Market REALLY Is.

1.1.1. You must Genuinely identify their CORE identity

1.1.2. Know what their REAL Desired Outcome is

1.1.3. And Know What Life They Really Want.

1.1.4. You must Actually Care and Help Them Move Towards it.

1.2. Use the...

1.2.1. Instant Bond Method Person to Person communication is the most effective way to sell in terms of closing ratio. When marketers design campaigns, they usually market to a group. To be REALLY Effective, you must design EVERYTHING so that you're communicating with ONE Person

1.2.2. Create Your CORE Customer Manifest a single person who would be the typical embodiment of a "classic" customer or prospect in your market What would they be like? Gender? Age? Married? What do they Wear? What do they do for a Living? What is their biggest frustration? What is their biggest SURFACE desire? His Original Core Customer Meet Bob His Beginners Internet Marketing Avator Bob is 45 years old & sells insurance He is married with two children who drive him crazy. And his wife thinks, he's an idiot for trying this internet stuff. He is about 25 lbs overweight Wears glasses & short sleeve white button down shirt with khaki pants. His biggest desire is to Quit his job, which pays him $45,000 a year.

1.2.3. You're Halfway There But Ahead of Everyone Else Now that You know who you're writing to, you can influence them on the Surface. 99.999% of Everyone Else ONLY Communicate on the Surface Level. Grand Slam: Become BOB The Real Money, Contribution, and Significance Comes from Core Influence Now that you Know Who Bob Is, Step Into his Shoes and Run the One Question Exercise as if YOU WERE BOB. Now You Can Speak from Your Core to His Core The REAL Bob Afraid of Loss & Embarrassment Wants a LIFESTYLE More than things Wants SIGNIFICANCE & CONTRIBUTION More than Bling Wants RESPECT and CREDIBILITY Wants to be Young Again How to Do This Every piece of marketing validates their core identity and moves them closer to stepping into it. Give them Results in Advance. Give them value to put them on their way. Give your best help for Free to them. Realize everyone Doubts if this will work for them. Have a skeptical friend, Borrow the Voice of the Market and Voice concerns and criticisms. Respond to the Commented Voice, dont say, I know your probably thinking this, but... People dont like being told what they are thinking.

2. Frank's Story

2.1. Story

2.1.1. Got Very Successful in Internet Marketing

2.1.2. Made Millions

2.1.3. Had the Porsche, Ferrari, Private Jets

2.1.4. Time Freedom

2.1.5. Got all this from mastering Communication We communicate on two levels. Most Influence is Done on the Surface This is "Surface Influence" or "Head to Head" Influence You hear my words, your brain uses logic to comply or not. Your response is based on logic and emotion. This Works pretty well and is how almost all Sales are made. The Core Level Your subconscious speaks to their subconscious

2.2. And...

2.2.1. Was... TOTALLY MISERABLE! Attracted Wrong Customers Built Wrong Business Made Money to Buy Things (Goals) then worried about the Things Lived in constant state of Anxiety 25 lbs overweight, Insomnia, and Paranoia. Yay!

2.2.2. Then... Change... Everything Changed from this One Exercise Got rid of Non Fun Business & Customers Got paid a Fortune to Make Fun Videos for Friends and Helped them Get rich Cash Multimillionaire Surf More Effortless Influence, Effortless Income Frank's Findings Your Brain Will Lie to You It will say you want Material "surface" things just so it can stop having to work to find an answer. Truth is, we all want to Create Experiences Goals & Things are Irrelevant Our Brain tries to convince our Subconscious these Trivial things matter. This creates internal struggle that inhibits your ability to get anywhere. Trick is to Align your Brain & Your Subconscious Frank's Life Formula E +I = L What Everyone REALLY WANTS is

3. The One Question that Will Change You Forever.

3.1. What this Core Exercise Will Do for You

3.1.1. Immediate Focus & Direction

3.1.2. Will replace your Shell Identity with the Real You

3.1.3. When you communicate from this CORE Place, You are Centered, Stable, and Focused.

3.1.4. This Total Clarity Magnetically Attracts "Matches" and causes you to be Exponentially More Persuasive.

3.1.5. You will Experience a Better Reality

3.2. The One Question

3.2.1. Step 1: Find Out Who YOU Really ARE If there were no limitations or consequences, what would your Perfect Average Day Look Like? Mining for Gold Bigger Stuff Really Big Stuff Winding Down

4. Shell vs. Core

4.1. My Shell Identity

4.1.1. Motivated by things, goal driven, status driven, Get the Money, Get the Money, Get the Money!

4.2. My Core Identity

4.2.1. Leave "Normal" Society, Live at the Beach and Cultivate Ideal Lifestyle. Get paid to Have Fun, and Contribute to Others by Doing So. What to do with this information?