PC Operating Systems

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PC Operating Systems by Mind Map: PC Operating Systems

1. Ubuntu 10.10

1.1. Pros:

1.1.1. 1 Ubuntu 10.10 Boot Time to usable desktop: 18.7 seconds. New node

1.1.2. 2 Very speedy, and good boot design

1.2. Cons:

1.2.1. Ubuntu doesn't have many programs

1.2.2. Ubuntu not many person use it.

2. Operating System Definition

2.1. operating system is a program designed to run other programs on a computer

3. Mac OS X

3.1. Pros:

3.1.1. Mac OSX Snow Leopard Boot Time to usable desktop: 16.3 seconds.

3.1.2. The use of a univeral menu bar at the top of the screen is great, and saves screen real-estate for applications. El uso de una barra de menús univeral en la parte superior de la pantalla es grande, y guarda la pantalla de bienes raíces para las aplicaciones. This is one of the greatest things Mac OSX has going for it. Esta es una de las mejores cosas de Mac OS X tiene a su favor.

3.2. Cons:

3.2.1. has more barriers to entry for the bare installation.

3.2.2. not being able to browse the internet!

4. Chromium OS

4.1. Pros:

4.1.1. Chromium currently also provides a calculator, clock, battery indicator, and network status indicator. Chromium OS and building their own versions,

4.2. Cons:

4.2.1. Security: The jury is still out on just how safe the cloud is.

4.2.2. Accessories: Just how many devices will work with Chrome OS? No one knows right now.

5. Windows 7

5.1. Pros:

5.1.1. Based on it’s simplicity, the Windows 7 Installer is the best for first timers.

5.1.2. he Windows 7 Installer is extermely easy to use for a basic installation,

5.2. Cons:

5.2.1. Windows 7 is still taking a long time to load.

5.2.2. won’t help you live in your limited computing resources.