Repat Master Plan

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Repat Master Plan by Mind Map: Repat Master Plan

1. Dependent visa(s)

1.1. First Application

1.1.1. Financial information

1.1.2. Co-sponsor forms

1.2. Visa Interview

1.2.1. Medical records

2. Geographical Research

2.1. Climate

2.2. Economy

2.3. Cost of living

2.4. School ratings

2.5. Tax rates

2.6. Distance from family/friends

2.7. Local community

2.8. Zillow

2.9. AreaVibes

2.10. Health Insurane

3. Finances

3.1. Get on a budget

3.1.1. Dave Ramsey's "Baby Steps"

3.2. Set Savings Goal(s)

3.3. Get square with taxes

3.3.1. File back taxes

3.3.2. FBARs (US citizens)

4. Set a Time Frame

4.1. Consider finances

4.2. Current employment contract

4.3. Housing contract

4.4. Children's education

5. Networking

5.1. LinkedIn account

5.2. Professional organizations for your field

5.3. Alumni Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., groups

6. Entrepreneurship

6.1. Online Business

6.1.1. Models for online biz Content creation business YouTube Podcasting Blog eCommerce "Fulfilled by Amazon" biz Launching own brand/products Online teaching Skype tutoring Online Course

6.1.2. Making a website Hosting Domain name Static Site vs. CMS Wordpress Bootstrap Custom-built site Outsourcing a web developer

6.1.3. purchasing an existing site

6.1.4. Social Media

6.1.5. Freelancing Web/graphic design Web developer Programmer Network engineering

6.2. Other Small business

6.2.1. Franchise

6.2.2. Homestay programs

6.2.3. Summer/winter camps

6.2.4. Freelancing Graphic design Consulting

6.3. Purchasing a business

7. Find Job

7.1. Career Change Research

7.1.1. Examine re-training options Coding Bootcamps App Academy Accelerated Academic programs Nursing Graduate School Online/Blended Programs Residential programs Certifications Microsoft Products Commercial Driver's Licesne

7.1.2. Reading Essentialism Born For This Body of Work

7.2. Apply for 1 job per week

7.2.1. Scour job ads Indeed LinkedIn HigherEdJobs

7.2.2. Tweak resume

7.2.3. Write Cover letter

7.2.4. Additional forms, references, etc.

7.2.5. Submit

7.2.6. As many as possible, but one per week as a minimum goal will keep you moving in the right direction

7.3. Revise Resume

7.3.1. Professional resume writing services

7.3.2. Resume Writing course

7.3.3. Cover Letter tips and advice

7.3.4. Update LinkedIn

7.4. Interview prep

7.4.1. Phone Interview Skype Google Voice

7.4.2. Practice questions

7.4.3. Clothes Navy/Charcoal suit Black shoes White or blue shirt Blue tie


8.1. financial ruin

8.2. Career suicide

8.3. Cultural adjustment

8.3.1. Culture Shock education

8.3.2. Support system in target area

8.3.3. Family disruption Preparatory emotional work Counseling