The Saskatoon Temperance Movement

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The Saskatoon Temperance Movement by Mind Map: The Saskatoon Temperance Movement

1. Canadian Colonial Utopia!

1.1. American 'Manifest Destiny'

1.1.1. Gold Rush

1.1.2. Ignoring Indian Treaties

1.2. Western Immigration Policy (Saskatchewan)

1.2.1. Racism/Bias Riel Rebellion English/French Aboriginal Treaty Signings Aboriginal Assimilation No Non-White people No African Americans No Non-Europeans

1.2.2. European Descent Only Missionaries more? Catholic Anglican Methodist Colonists Utopian Socieites Ethnic

1.3. Clifford Sifton

1.3.1. Colonization of Western Canada

1.3.2. National Policy

1.3.3. Trans-Continental Railroad

2. The Rise of the Temperance Movement

2.1. Theological Underpinnings

2.1.1. The Social Gospel Evangelicalism Secular Humanism

2.1.2. A-Millenialism Eschatology

2.2. National Expressions

2.2.1. USA

2.2.2. England

2.2.3. Canada Canada Temperance Act Canada Temperance Referrendum Denominational Response Methodists Baptists Anglicans Catholics

3. Compromise and Change

3.1. Prohibition Vs. Temperance

3.2. Prohibition repealed

3.3. Prohibition still exists in America

4. A new call for Temperance?

4.1. Youtube Whitecap/Saskatoon

4.2. Statue

4.3. World Temperance Movements

4.4. Modern Aboriginal Theory