Student Feedback "Could do better"

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Student Feedback "Could do better" by Mind Map: Student Feedback "Could do better"

1. Classroom Management

1.1. Too much Arabic spoken in class

1.1.1. "English Only" Classroom

2. Courses

2.1. Different student needs, different motivation

2.1.1. Separate "tourists" from more "academic" students

2.1.2. IELTS Prep, EAP, Writing Clases for lower levels

2.2. Not enough support to learn in short time

2.3. Communication classes pointless

3. Teaching Materials

3.1. Only follow textbook

3.2. No textbook or plan for afternoon classes

3.3. No listening scripts, e.g. IELTS

4. Teaching

4.1. No error correction

4.2. No pronunciation correction

4.3. No homework

4.4. Follow textbook too strictly

4.5. Progress too slow, "6 pages per week"

4.6. Too much small talk

4.7. Anti-American jokes

5. Placement & Progress Testing

5.1. Level too mixed

5.2. Progress to next level not clearly defined

5.3. Students can move up if they complain, doesn't depend on the test

6. School Admin & Rules

6.1. Teacher Lateness

6.2. Student Lateness

6.3. Too many Arabic speaking students

6.3.1. Nationality / language cap

7. Facilities

7.1. Need more computers

7.2. Run out of cups

7.3. No sugar in coffee machine

7.4. Toilets unclean

7.5. Too much noise

7.6. Not enough grammar & writing books in library