DreamBook (Working Title)

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DreamBook (Working Title) by Mind Map: DreamBook (Working Title)

1. 2.Dream Diary

1.1. Upload Dream

1.1.1. Set Visibility (friends, public or just me)

1.1.2. Dream Title

1.1.3. Date

1.1.4. Sleep time

1.1.5. Lucid Dream?

1.1.6. (If Lucid Dream == true): Which technique did you´ve used?

1.1.7. Rating

1.1.8. Record Type? (Audio or Text)

1.1.9. (If Record Type == Text): Dream Description

1.1.10. (if Record Type == Audio) Upload Audio

1.1.11. Dream Signs

1.1.12. Upload Attachements (Pictures, small videos or additional audio)

1.2. Read Dream

1.2.1. Edit

1.2.2. Delete

1.2.3. Share Get Link for friends and groups Link to specific dream (tags will be neglected) Link to whole dream diary (visibility to certain dreams as visibility tags)

2. 3.Groups

2.1. For:

2.1.1. Sharing dreams

2.1.2. Sharing whole dream diaries (compare it to a youtube channel)

2.1.3. dream interpretation

2.1.4. other lucid dream discussions

3. 4.LiveDreaming(TM)

3.1. Open group

3.1.1. Type: Morning dream discussion WBTB Chat (the time between you wake up and fall asleep for a WILD or DILD technique) other dream discussions

3.1.2. private (invite only) or public group

3.1.3. Set Chat type Text Video Audio

3.1.4. Beginning Time

3.2. Seach for groups

3.2.1. Type

3.2.2. Chat Type

3.2.3. Beginning Time

3.3. Matchmaking System

3.3.1. Group list will be compared with "Country" and with declared "group search"factors (Type, Chat Type, Beginning Time)

4. 1.Social network for (lucid) dreamers

4.1. Register a profile

4.1.1. Nickname

4.1.2. Public or private profile?

4.1.3. Real name (optional)

4.1.4. Gender (optional)

4.1.5. Age (optional)

4.1.6. Country

4.1.7. Hometown (optional)

4.1.8. Interests (optional)

4.1.9. Did you already had a lucid dream before? (optional)

4.1.10. What was your favourite (lucid) dream? (optional)

4.1.11. What do you wanth to experience the most in a lucid dream? (optional)

4.1.12. What is your favourite lucid dreaming technique? (optional)

4.2. Connect to friends

4.2.1. Searchable with: Nicknames Real name Hometown

4.2.2. Set what you want to share with them Dream Diary Profile details Groups Status updates Lucid Dreaming Events

4.3. Status Updates

4.4. Private message (text, audio or video chat)