Overall structure of the Kito+ app

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KITO+ UX by Mind Map: KITO+ UX

1. On-boarding

1.1. GIF (Feature overview)

1.1.1. Sign up flow More interactive (cool interactions / UI components) Sequential / Step wise Locations

1.1.2. Login flow Social login (FB, G+)

1.2. Connecting a Kito+

1.2.1. Sequential / Stepwise

1.2.2. Indicative

1.2.3. Get rid of "Pairing" concept / Associated animations

1.2.4. Make this snappier

1.3. Tutorial Flow (First use)

1.3.1. Planning transitions + motion graphics

1.3.2. Overall flow itself (what are you really showing?)

1.4. Sandbox (First Use)

1.4.1. How long should this really be?

1.4.2. What should you not show?

1.4.3. When should this end?

1.4.4. Teaching them to keep still - both ECG and SpO2

1.5. Troubleshooting

2. Main screen

2.1. Checkup flow

2.1.1. The UI to begin check up needs to be more indicative of what the person has to do (i.e. turn on Kito+ using the button on the device)

2.1.2. "Push to start" style experience to initiate check up flow When we're on the main screen and the user presses the ON button, connect to the device and start the checkup flow Take care to handle edge cases gracefully (e.g. low battery, connection failure etc)

2.1.3. Core measurement experience needs to be indicative of finger movements - Live feedback ECG vitals quality meter Written prompts for SpO2

2.2. Dashboard

2.2.1. What does it show?

2.2.2. Empty states?

2.2.3. Initial content (after first use, after first week... etc.)

2.2.4. Indicators (low battery)

2.2.5. Trends that we can identify?

2.2.6. What questions do you ask that might have meaningful results for a user?

2.2.7. Inputs (or meta data)?

2.2.8. Reminders User set Strategic reminders (auto generated)

2.2.9. Dynamic content? (Variety over volume)

2.2.10. Personalization? Can we use the Fitbit data a little better? How do they compare to other Kito+ users?

2.3. Vitals / Journal

2.3.1. Currently there's no way for a user to highlight or mark a reading as important for easier filtering. Fix this

2.3.2. It might be cool to have a feature where in the user has the option to add a few notes or even take an audio recording around symptoms, signs, or what they might be feeling

2.3.3. It might be useful to "geotag" the readings so we can understand patterns. Again, some users might not want to enable location access This is not the same as the "locations feature" in settings (home, doctor's office, pharmacy etc.) This is only to provide more meta data while grabbing the reading and allow for more refined filtering options How do you handle a set of readings - some geotagged, others not ?a

2.3.4. Develop a part of the app that allows the user to set thresholds for the various vitals in consultation with a doctor You could give alerts after vitals are measured if these thresholds are exceeded These could also feature in the data viz in some form These could also be a way to mark readings as important

2.3.5. The vitals journal is too plain right now and lacks filtration tools. Can we build a UI that allows users to filter specific readings based on specific criteria? Important readings Readings where thresholds were violated Readings where location is "X" Readings where HR is between 60-85 etc. Filter based on custom text in notes / symptoms?

2.3.6. We'd like to add a feature where the user may manually enter readings from a Blood Pressure cuff and a Glucometer Manual text entry Use camera and computer vision to auto detect the numerical values

2.3.7. Sharing vitals via email "Share this reading" "Share multiple readings" based on filters or manual selection

2.4. Sharing readings

2.4.1. Sharing - in app via email id

2.4.2. Creating a web app for viewing shared data

2.4.3. Accessibility / Visibility controls (allow access for X days etc.)

2.5. Settings

2.5.1. Temperature units

2.5.2. Security lock Can we redesign the security lock to be more functional? Nobody wants to type their whole password. Use pin / pattern lock instead Security blanket covers the screen when multitasking

2.5.3. Share settings Mailing list Recipient history (autofill suggestion?)

2.5.4. Levels & Thresholds Create a UI that allows users to setup thresholds for the various vitals

2.5.5. Locations Home Doc's office Preferred pharmacy

2.5.6. Reminders Location based? Periodic reading reminder

2.5.7. Fitbit integration Improve it in some way (e.g. Workout calendar!?)

2.6. Users

2.6.1. add upto 5 other users

2.6.2. manage user switching more gracefully

2.6.3. Get photos of the users

2.6.4. Simpler flow for signing additional users (not the primary user)

2.6.5. Guest mode

3. Errors + Explanations

3.1. Connectivity to Kito+

3.1.1. When checkup begins Bluetooth - off Can't connect to Kito+

3.1.2. While the reading is ongoing Fingers moved (not handled like errors) Bluetooth connection lapses while reading is ongoing (rare, but its known to happen)

3.2. Battery and Power

3.2.1. Kito+ is completely discharged and the app can't even figure out if its turned on (solve using visual inspection)

3.2.2. low battery warning (<15%)

3.3. Identity related

3.3.1. Logging in / signing up etc

4. Design Related

4.1. Typography

4.1.1. System fonts with support for accessibility

4.1.2. Design for old people to begin with use clear sans serif fonts use slightly larger fonts

4.2. UI - Android vs iOS

4.2.1. More native feel

4.2.2. Platform specific UI controls

4.2.3. Works everywhere

4.3. Design patterns

4.3.1. Sliding drawer

4.3.2. Cards (dashboard)

4.3.3. Journal / Vitals (cards or something contemporary)

4.3.4. Tabbed view on the main screen (dashboard + vitals)

5. Data Visualization

5.1. Vitals over time

5.1.1. Simple, meaningful data aggregation over time

6. New Features

6.1. Document catalog

6.1.1. Catalog photos of medical documents (lab results etc.)

6.2. Paid readings

6.2.1. Being able to pay to have one of your vitals read by a cardiologist

6.3. Learn about Kito+

6.3.1. Tutorial

6.3.2. Sandbox

6.3.3. Videos

6.3.4. Tips & Tricks