Curley's wife

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Curley's wife by Mind Map: Curley's wife

1. She is the only woman on the farm

2. She has a nickname who is Curley's wife

3. Description

3.1. Full, rouged lips

3.2. Wide Spaced eyes

3.3. Her fingernails is red

3.4. Her hair hung in little rolled clusters

3.5. She wore a Cotton house dress and red mules

4. Her voice had a nasal, brittle quality

5. Other People views on her

5.1. All the men think she is a bitch

5.2. George thinks she is a tramp

5.3. She is a troublemaker (she is gonna make a mess)

5.4. Looloo (something who is negative)

5.5. Lennie think she is purty

6. Personality

6.1. Troublemaker

6.2. looloo

7. Judging a book of the cover