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Feminist explanation of crime by Mind Map: Feminist explanation of crime
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Feminist explanation of crime

They argued that women are used to benifit the captalist economy

Hartmann (1981)argued that patriarchy and econmics both play a crutial role in explaining and understanding gender equality


Friedan (1963) are associated with the belief that gender inequality is a product of general inequality in society which have allowed to proceed unchallanged for centuries

They do not blame anyone or anything for this but they look to move the barriers between men and women

They are largely supportive of ideas such as positive descrimination, but would not want to extend womens rite beyonds men.

Their ideas were hugly influential in challenging male dominance in society from th 1960's onwards


Marxist feminists built on the work on the liberals

Benson (1972)focused on the economic aspects of gender inequalities


foreground patriarchy in explaining gender inequality between men and women

Millet (1971) disagreed with the biological argument and argued that patricachy was not ascribed but socially created therefore capable of beeing changed and disconsructed

They have been allowed to control women in both personal and public spheres, hence the situation of extreme inequality

Associated with the term 'The persona is the political'


postmodern feminism can be seen as out of date

postmodern view that thay live in a media saturated society