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Climate Change by Mind Map: Climate Change
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Climate Change


Melting Ice that produces rising sea levels

Many populated areas are projected to be under water in the future if sea levels continue to rise at there current rates. This rise is due to the melting of glaciers. The melting ice also makes it difficult for polar bears to do their yearly migration. Bears that do not have places to rest will drown. This is why polar bears are an endangered species.

Heavy Rainfall throughout many places in the world

While warmer conditions cause drought in some regions, many other places suffer from heavy rains. The increased precipitation in these regions can be explained by the warmer temperatures. Flooded rivers are becoming typical and are a safety concern.

Extreme Drought

Certain areas of the world such as Central Africa have had very little rain. This has led to crop failure (see below). On the west coast of the United states there has been a huge increase in the number and severity of fires. If you want to learn more on this topic see the video linked below.

Ecosystems are changing

Because the climate is changing throughout the world, ecosystems are also changing. An ecosystem = a community of organisms + their environment. The ecosystems are changing faster than many organisms can adapt.


Winds of the coast are stronger due to the warmer water, which has generated more hurricanes than was usual.

Rise in Temperature

How do recent temperatures compare to average temperatures?  The average temperatures over many years are lower than any recent year on record. In recent years we have had some of hottest years on record (since we have directly measured temperature).

Carbon Dioxide acidifies the water harming corals and shelled organisms

Why does ocean acidification hurt corals and shelled organisms? CO2 reacts with ocean water forming an acid. The acidic ocean water reacts with carbonate so there is not enough carbonate left for corals and shelled organisms.

Decline in Crop Productivity

Causes (Greenhouse Effect)

Write About Greenhouse Effect Here The greenhouse effect is when special gases (methane, carbon dioxide, and nitrous oxide) produced on Earth, then rise into the atmosphere. Just like a greenhouse, when the suns rays shine through, the heat is trapped and cannot get out. This causes Earth's temperatures to rise. Right now Earth's temperatures are rising a lot because of all the carbon dioxide that we produce from cars and so on. -Sam Y

Greenhouse Gasses



Ice Cores

See the attached document. Click on the paper clip

Observation of Glaciers

Scientists measure glaciers by getting ice cores (see ice cores). They also take photographs of what the glacier looks like over time and take measurements on glacier size using GPS.

Rising Temperatures

How does this rise in temperature correlate with CO2 levels? They follow the same approximate trend. When temperature is high C02 is also high. When temperature is low CO2 is low.

Animal and Plant Life is Changing

Some examples are in the slide above.

Tree Ring Data

The width of a tree ring can tell you two things. If the tree is in a cool climate, a thick tree ring tells you that that year had a fairly long growing season. If it is thin, the tree did not have a long growing season. The width of a tree ring can also tell you whether or not it was dry. A thick tree ring tells you that the year was wet enough for the tree to grow. A thin tree ring tells you that it was a dry year and the tree had trouble growing. -Sam Y


A fern fossil from Antartica is shown above. This is evidence that the past climate of Antartica was warmer. According to the theory of contenetal drift, Antartica used to be closer to the equator than it is today, which explains the previous warm climate.

Pollen Records

From the Earth Science Book:"Each type of plant has a particular type of pollen. The bottoms of some lakes are covered with thick layers of mud and plant material, including pollen that fell to the bottom of the lake over thousands of years. Scientists can drill down into these layers and bring up cores to examine. By looking at the pollen present in each layer, scientists can tell what types of plants lived in the area. From pollen data, scientists can infer that an ancient climate was similar to a climate where the same plants grow today."

Human-made Sources

Power Stations

Industrial Processes

Transportation Fuels


Fossil Fuel retrieval, processing and distribution

Residential and Commercial

Land Use and Biomass Burning

Waste Disposal and Treatment


Must total 30 minutes or more

A Way Forward: facing climate change

What I liked about this video was the fact that it listed ways we could make a difference. -Andrew

A global climate change

This was another great video. It told me more about how greenhouse gasses are a huge threat and we should be more conservative and not burn fossil feuls all the time -Aaron Sleeth

Our Changing Climate: Jacksgap

Post Via Kathleen about being vegan

Climate change 101 with Bill Nye

Recommended by Aaron T. and Kathleen

Acid Test: The Global Challenge of Ocean Acidification

James Saylor says: This video showed me the severity of this situation and strengthened my belief in the fact that it will be better for everyone, even if they lose a little bit of money to switch over to better fuel sources for the sake of my generation and all of the generations to come, to help them and not recreate the mass extinction of the Permian period.

A Year in the Life of Earth's CO2

This video showed me an example of co2 traveling in the atmosphere.- John S

Global Warming 101

It talked about how global warming does a lot more than make it warmer. -John S

Climate Change and Extreme Weather: Prof. Jennifer Francis.  40 min, 30 sec.h

Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis | TED Talk

This video informed me Al Gore had evidence that climate change may be even worse than scientists recently predicted.-Mason

A Simple and Smart Wat to Fix Climate Change: Dan Miller.

-Recommended by Noah S

What happens if the world warms up by 2 degrees?

This video talks about what will happen if the world doesn't take that step to stop global warming -Maddy K.

Nicolas Stern: The state of climate - and what we might do about it.

This man, Nicolas Stern, describes how climate change will change the world - negatively if we don't do something about it. -Maddy K.

Top 10 Signs that Global Warming is no longer a debate

This video discusses how not only scientists are involved with the problem of climate change, but politicians are also. About a decade ago, it was a debate about what caused climate change - but now we know. -Maddy K 

2016 Runaway Climate Change * Leading Scientist * Economy Collapse * Troubling

This video taught me about how Climate Change can ruin the economy. _Garrison

Chapter 18 Assessments

Section 1 Assessment

Section 2 Assessment

Section 3 Assessment

Section 4 Assessment

More Videos

300 years of of fossil fuels in 300 seconds

Recommended- Cato

Our Future- Morgan Freeman

Climate Change Explained


Carbon Cycle and Global Warming

Creating a Climate for Change

It is a Documentary about how south Africa is trying to prevent climate change- Sam M.

Global warming melting glaciers and ice caps documentary (7:57)

This video was great, it really showed how bad the glaciers need our help. It gave me a good idea on how fast glaciers are disappearing. This was overall an amazing video. -Josh H

Why faster melting glaciers should worry you

What YOU Can Do About Climate Change

It showed me how can individually reduce my personal carbon footprint.- Emiyare this video said that there are many ways that we can help stop climate change and listed them and made it fun -Sarah

How does climate change affect biodiversity?

It helped me better understand how global warmly can harm animals and reduce biodiversity.-Emiyare

Top 6 Climate Change Problems

Top 6 climate change problems, it charted out the six main problems then had a ton of evidence to back it up. Kynzie-R

Evidence for Global Climate Change in 5 Minutes

Climate Change Science 101 for the Columbia Basin (CBT).mov (5:40)

This video was pretty cool. It explains how climate change affects people of all ages and different people such as farmers, kids, and city councils. We should remember that weather is very unpredictable, but for now we should plan ahead for longer growing seasons and maybe not seeing a lot of snow for Christmas. -Shannon

Our changing climate

This video was great, these people went to where the climate is changing and they explained the climate and how it is affecting our worlds wonderful sites.-Shannon

Climate Change: The Causes

In this video I learned that the machines and cars we use release horible gasses and as their becomes more people who are driving and want more cars it will get worse.  We release more than 7 gigatons a year. On the outside of our planet their is like an invisible blanket that holds in some of the gasses to keep it warm, but we are releasing to much gas so it is making the invisible blanket to effective which is causing global warming. -Alexa

Individuals and Families

Heating and Cooling

Conserve Hot Water

Drive Less and More Efficiently

Conserve Electricity

Eat less meat (especially red meat)

Buy Local

Buy Products that Waste Less Energy

Reduce, Reuse Recycle

Grow your own food and utilize a compost pile for you garden

Even More Videos

Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis

I thought that this video was interesting because it talked about how people are trying to stop it, and how they are communicating with other countries on how they can help, and how it will effect them. -Erin H.

Power Surge, Climate Change


The Frozen Regions of the Earth:NOVA


PBS Global Warming The Signs and the Science (2012)


Saving Planet Earth Stop Climate Change - National Geographic HD -Documentary films 2015

Rachel Pike: The science behind a climate headline?

This video talked about the efforts being made to stop Climate Change. A lot of work was done just to research one little thing. It showed that research can help stop climate change. - Sam Y

Our changing climate

Climate change for kids

Recommended by Sarah

Greenhouse Effect for kids

Recommended by Sarah

National Geographic: Penguin beating the heat?

This video was great, It showed me how climate change was effecting the penguins.-Claire

James Balog on Disappearing Glaciers

This video was great, It showed me how people are tracking climate change and global warming and it is not something that is made up.-Claire

Scientists Create Tiny Zones of Climate Change

The video was great it showed that people are trying to help. By simple things like looking in the future sort of and find ways to stop it.-Claire

Mary Robinson Why climate change is a threat to human rights

Recommended- Ella

Climate change is simple: David Roberts at TEDxTheEvergreenStateCollege



Political (Laws and Regulations)