Education System

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Education System by Mind Map: Education System

1. Common Core Standards

1.1. Difficulties for teachers and students

1.2. Restrictions for teachers

2. Homeschooling

2.1. Reasons for more people using this option

3. Discipline

3.1. Elementary school spankings

3.2. Staff authority

4. Funding for Arts Programs

4.1. Private school funding

4.2. Public school, booster clubs

4.3. Sports funding

5. Standardized Testing

5.1. Elementary school students vs. Middle and High School students

5.2. Mental effects on students, parents, and teaching staff

5.3. School funding based on test scores

5.3.1. inner city schools getting left behind

6. Restrictions

6.1. Uniform policies

6.2. Discouraging individuality (teachers and students)