Costa Rica

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Costa Rica by Mind Map: Costa Rica

1. Political System

1.1. It is presidential representative democratic republic, with a multi-party system.

1.2. The President of Costa Rica is both the head of state and head of government.The presidents are elected for 4-year terms.

1.3. The position of governor in the seven provinces was abolished in 1998. There are no provincial legislatures.

1.4. Costa Rica has no military but maintains a domestic police force and a Special Force Unit as part of the Ministry of the President.

2. modern history

2.1. The revelution/civil war in 1948 marked the Costa Rica into the modern era. Also that it cause Costa Rica into a democracy time.

2.2. Point #2

3. fun facts

3.1. It has the widest part with 460km and narrowest part with 120km and it is smaller than Lake Michigan.

3.2. In Costa Rica, the postal service does not offer home delivery, Costa Ricans need to go to a local post office to collect their mails.

3.3. The sun rises and sets that at the same time in Costa Rica everyday 365 days.

3.4. In Costa Rica, nearly all Catholic churches face west.

4. relationship with US

4.1. They had established relationship nowadays because of its independence from Spain and dissolution of a federation of central American states in 1851

4.2. They have long history of close and friendly relationship base on mutual respect for democratic freedoms, free trade, and other shared values.

4.3. The United States helps Costa Rica secure its borders by training their guards and new Border Police.

4.4. The US Embassy programs also promote economic opportunity, renewable energy and energy efficiency.

5. economy/natural resources

5.1. natural resources

5.1.1. was known for their coffee bean

5.1.2. agricultural like corns, bananas, eggs, oranges and rice.

5.1.3. because of volcanoes make the land good for farming.

5.2. economy

5.2.1. The fourth most competitive country in Latin America.

5.2.2. In 2012, its GDP US dollar 45.1 billion with population of 4805000.

5.2.3. GDP $71billion(2014) GDP growth 3.5%(2014) GDP per capita US$14,900(2014)

6. travel and tourist attractions

6.1. Manuel Autonio is one of the country's most famous national parks. You can see monkeys bounding through the forest. As you take leisurely hikes along palm-fringed shores lapped by tropical waves.

6.2. From the lofty heights of Costa Rica's highest peak, Cerro Chirripo, you can see panoramic views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.