Marketing, Promotion and Advertising:

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Marketing, Promotion and Advertising: by Mind Map: Marketing, Promotion and Advertising:

1. Live Music Promotion:

1.1. Since the digital age has had a massive breakthrough during recent years, it can be easily forgotten that personal interaction is important to marketing products.

1.2. Artists often perform live to promote their music to audiences who may not have heard of them before.

1.3. These shows can often include 'open mic' nights for example.

2. Social Media:

2.1. Digital technology can also be advantageous for artists. Social media websites are a prominent platform for today's society.

2.2. As artists they can read to large amounts of people to promote themselves.

2.3. By adding samples and their tracks to websites such as Soundcloud and YouTube, then sharing them onto their Facebook accounts, this allows them to be successfully promoted on a large scale.

2.4. With millions of people who access these sites, it is really easy to be discovered.

3. Creating Websites:

3.1. Websites are important components for an artist to market their products.

3.2. They can promote each and every part of their brand from themselves, to their music, videos and even their fans.

3.3. Websites by artists include pages such as music streaming, tour dates and merchandise.

4. Music Blogs:

4.1. Blogs for music are also important for artists so they can communicate with their fans.

4.2. This is because they can keep viewers up to date with their recent creations like a new album or music video etc.

4.3. These blogs can be accessed by anyone which means if someone who doesn't know the artist comes across them it could mean they gain interest.

4.4. This is a method which allows artists to keep their fans informed, interested and gain new ones.

5. Collaborations:

5.1. If an artist collaborates with another artist it gives them greater exposure to more fans.

5.2. This especially helps if the artist they collaborate with is popular which means they can especially gain more popularity.

5.3. This particularity happens if they appear in a music video together because if the song and video features them both, it may appeal more than songs by just one artist.

5.4. In Charli XCX’s case, she became more popular by collaborating with already popular artist Marina and The Diamonds, the unknown duo Icona Pop and the relatively unknown rapper Iggy Azalea.

5.5. As a result of their collaborations, Marina and The Diamonds become more popular, Icona Pop and Iggy Azalea gained worldwide attention and Charli XCX also gained greater exposure.