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2010 CHEM31L Group Concept Map #1 by Mind Map: 2010 CHEM31L Group Concept Map #1
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2010 CHEM31L Group Concept Map #1

Ionization energy


3 Laws of Thermodynamics

Chemical Energy


Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Numbers

Particle in a box

Schrodinger's Equation


Exceptions to the Octet Rule


Dipole Moment

Bond strength


Bonding occurs because systems seek the lowest possible energies


tells us about the rate of a reaction and ultimately about the reaction mechanism

Collision model:molecules must collide to react

Catalysis: helps speed up reaction


equilibrium represents the state at which the free energy of a system is lowest; at equilibrium delta G is 0.

Equilibrium constant K is dependent on temperature

Acids and Bases

Acid: a proton donor; electron pair acceptor

Base: a proton acceptor; electron pair donor; may supply hydroxide anions

Atomic Theory

Pauli Exclusion Principle

Aufbau Principle

Hund's Rule

Periodic Table