the dreamlife of toasters

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the dreamlife of toasters by Mind Map: the dreamlife of toasters

1. existentialism

1.1. why life.

1.1.1. 4F6 was selfish in a way because she decide that the baby was junk and didn't have the right to live. who is she to judge who lives or not ?it had the right to live but just for her own good to not make android's life better, she threw him out.

1.1.2. in a other way, she save the entire race of android, like she said, their would be a massive android recall. By throwing the baby out humans didn't suspect a thing

2. ugly/beautiful

2.1. when 4F6 had her baby the day after her kiss, she found it immediately ugly because it looked like an undone baby. She knew she had to get rid of it because it wasn't what she wanted. In our world, parents who are having a baby imediately find it beautiful because it was hard work and a lot of time invested. It is one of the biggest acomplishement that two individuals can ever acheive. People make choices. Although she only asked for a kiss, thowing out a baby is one of the worst decision you can make.

2.2. baby picture

3. naivety

3.1. in this story, all the androids are naive because the human built them, they think their inferior and are afraid of them.

3.1.1. Android picture