iPad Reset Possibilities

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iPad Reset Possibilities by Mind Map: iPad Reset Possibilities

1. Plan B: Mass Reset of iPads

1.1. How?

1.1.1. Through MDM

1.2. Who?

1.2.1. MCSAs & Field Techs

1.3. When?

1.3.1. As summer collection begins

1.3.2. End of June

1.4. Why?

1.4.1. AirWatch tool is not ready or tested

1.4.2. Students prompted for AID/Password upon powering on the device Workaround: Students turn off auto updates Students tap cancel when prompted for AID/Password

1.5. Pros:

1.5.1. Avoid the consequences of migration tool not being ready in a timely manner

1.5.2. Fresh start for all devices with Device Based Management

1.6. Con:

1.6.1. Schools will need to re-enroll all students

1.6.2. Students don't get devices ready for use

1.6.3. All prior year returning student content/data is gone

2. Plan A: Tool Working: No Mass Reset of iPads (Matriculating students only)

2.1. How?

2.1.1. Through MDM

2.2. Who?

2.2.1. MCSAs & Field Techs

2.3. When?

2.3.1. As summer collection begins

2.4. Why?

2.4.1. AirWatch tool is not ready or tested

2.5. Pros:

2.5.1. Returning student devices are ready for use

2.5.2. All prior year content is available

2.5.3. Will not need to re-enroll students

2.6. Cons:

2.6.1. Behavior of device is unknown when iPad is powered on.

3. Questions:

3.1. How long would it take to accomplish option A?

3.1.1. Devices on & connected

3.2. How can we set up a wireless-less workflow?

3.3. Do we want MCSAs/Field Techs to provision devices with MDM's Unauthenticated DEP set up?