Rosalie Paquin & Christine Perron

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Rosalie Paquin & Christine Perron by Mind Map: Rosalie Paquin & Christine Perron

1. English Project

2. Existentialism

3. Michal & Lionel : I think Lionel is the existentialism hero because he's not afraid of what other people say about him and help Michal to deal with it .

4. Lionel also deal with the consequence that "he couldn't take the responsability of being smart". This is why he starts taken drugs. When you're a smart kid everyone want you to have good grades... you have a lot of presure from the others .

5. Citation : He couldn't take the responsability of being smart. p.96

6. Citation : Don't be afraid of anybody. That's the number one thing that keeps people down in this world. This idea of other people are better, scarier, more intimidating. Fuck that, Michal. There ain' nothing a rich kid knows that you don't know. p.102

7. Steve Jobs

8. Citation : You are a man of the people. You are going to be a leader, mark my words. p.111

9. The movie reminds me Michal because it's not because you come from a poor neighborhood that you have less chance of being successful. "There ain't nothing a rich kid knows that you don't know."

10. A Man Without A Heart

11. The Gospel According To Mary M.

12. I think Jesus is an existential hero because he don't judge people by their apparences. He chose to be with Mary M. even if she looks like a whore.

13. Citation : Other people's parents said I looked like a whore, and they didn't want their kids to get my whore cooties or something. p.21

14. We should not judge people from the outside because the most important is inside.

15. The Dreamlife Of Toasters

16. I think 4F6, the mother, is the total opposite of existentialism because she faces something unusual in her society and she refuses to take her responsibilities with her "baby" created by her and not created by humans.

17. Citation : She had never heard of robots making robots. (...) 4F6 knew that something horribly wrong had happened. (...) p.213

18. Citation : She knew that if the scientists found out about the baby, there would be a mass android recall. They would tamper with their insides, making sure that no other android would be capable of experiencing love as 4F6 had, because it was love that had created the little spring man, she was sure. They would take away android's ability to be amazed by stars, too, for good measure, and 4F6 didn't want to be without those parts. Without things she would only be an Appliance-a machine. p.214

19. This reminds me Loki, Thor's brother, because he was abandoned as a child and adopted by Odin. When Loki discovers that he was not what he always was, he asks similar questions to those of 4F6's baby.

20. The baby is existentialism because he is the first who asks questions about himself and about the universe.

21. Citation : Why am I here? How big is the universe? Why am I me and not someone else? p.216