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Mountain Lion by Mind Map: Mountain Lion
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Mountain Lion

Fact Another name for the mountain lion is the COUGAR!                                            


the mountain lion lives in wide spread areas.Mountain lions have a very wide range Starting  from Yukon in Canada to the southern Andes of South America.  

Widespread areas

Rocky areas

Habitat map



The mountain lion is an endangered animal much like other lions and mammals


The mountain lion is tan in color, with black tipped ears and tail. Adults can weigh 80 to 180 pounds and stand two to three feet high!



Human Impact

mountain lion sport hunting

sport hunting. a big impact in the mountain lion, and a cause of the lion being endangered. sport hunting is the hunting of the animal for the fun of it


another impact polution. poluting in the lion habitat is more dngerous than it seems. uaually the animal would think its food. when it trys to eat it the start can start to choke

Loss of habitat

imagine having to loose your home. unfortunately the mountain lion knows how it feels. the mountain lion is loosing its habitat due to construction. their homes are being broken down for space for construction.


The mountain lions biome is mostly grasslands,  mountains, and forests 


Action Plan


Think should i really throw this in the tree , or in the bush, or any where that it shouldn't. try to bring reusable contasiners and bottles, but if you do have somEthinG that needs to be thrown away throw it where it should be. THINK

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