History of Canadian Film

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History of Canadian Film by Mind Map: History of Canadian Film

1. one of the worlds leading documentary and animated film studios.

2. was

3. created in 1897 after the first movie screening in canada in 1896

4. mostly created by James Freer at the beginning.

5. first used to create immigration films by the Canadian Pacific Railway Company

6. Ontario Motion Picture Bureau

7. produced

8. Educational work for farmers, students, factory workers and other classes.

9. films that would promote trade and industry in Canada.

10. Canadian Government                     Motion Picture Bureau

11. created

12. the first national film production unit in the world

13. over 1000 printed films in the U.S during its peak in 1927

14. leads to

15. The National Film Board

16. becomes

17. one of the largest film studios in the world with over 800 employees.

18. a big award winner, winning over 5,000 awards and a dozen Academy Awards

19. Canada Cooperation Project

20. leads to

21. Not a lot of films being made for two decades.

22. is comprised

23. of two of the biggest theatre companies in Canada, Famous Players, and Odeon Theatres.

24. because of

25. most of the money not going to the Canadian economy

26. a deal with Hollywood to Shoot Hollywood films in Canada so that the American Cash flow is not being disrupted.

27. until

28. The 1960's begins getting critically acclaimed films made in Canada.

29. influences

30. the Creation of the Canadian Film Development Corporation. Now known as Telefilm Canada

31. tried

32. Giving funding to students who made artistic pieces that were failures.

33. Making a Deal with the theatres to show Canadian films for a minimum of four weeks. This idea died off after two years.

34. Studying the Canadian film industry to try to understand the shortcomings it has.

35. Quebec Film Culture

36. Was

37. the most steady Canadian film production industry for a long time, and is still pretty consistent with its successes.

38. 21st Century Canadian Films

39. Is

40. On a good note so far, with many critical hits.

41. Have

42. Won Many Awards, Including the 2015 Oscar best Picture Winner. The film to do so is called Room.