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1. Durant Motors

2. Chrysler of Canada

3. Gray-Dort motors

4. Automobiles

4.1. The Canadian auto mobile industries were booming in the 1920's. Canada was the world's second-largest producer of cars, after the United States at that time. There were many types of cars made by many types of companies.

5. Airplanes

5.1. The first ever airplane flight in Canada happened in 1909. The AEA Silver Dart was flown in Baddek Nova Scotia. Later on, airplanes were used in warfare in both world wars and used as transportation of goods and passengers.

6. Entertainment

7. War machines

8. Radio

8.1. Canadian inventor, Reginald Fessenden,  transmitted human voices from Brant Rock near Boston, Massachusetts to several ships at sea owned by the United Fruit Company in 1906.

9. TV

9.1. The first TV stations in Canada were made in Montreal and Quebec in 1952. Canada is greatly influenced by the US culture and most of the shows we watch are American.

10. Tanks

10.1. tanks were invented and used in WW1 and then used later on in WW2. Canada was involved in both of these wars and used tanks as a front line defense and offense.

11. Atomic Bomb

11.1. The atomic bomb was invented in 1945 during WW2 by American scientists. Canada held possession of atomic bombs in the cold war to be protected from attacks form the North from Russia.

12. Machine Guns

12.1. Machine guns were invented in the US in the 1800's and were used in WW1 by Candadians

13. Colt Machine guns

13.1. Canadians first went overseas with four Colt machine-guns in each infantry battalion in WW1.

14. Vickers

14.1. Canadians first used this type of machine gun in 1916 in WW1. It was much more dependable then the colt machine gun.

15. Mk Valentine VI

15.1. This tank was also used in WW2 and manufactured in Canada. it proved to be both strong and reliable.

16. Grizzly 1

16.1. This was a  M4A1 Sherman tank used in WW2 and was manufactured in Canada. It had special Canadian Dry Pin (CDP) tracks, which did not require rubber, a scarce wartime material.

17. Airliner

17.1. An airliner is a type of aircraft for transporting passengers and air cargo. Such aircraft are most often operated by airlines.

18. Military aircraft

18.1. Any plane that is made to be used for army use is a military aircraft. There are two types of military aircraft, combat or non-combat.

19. Combat

19.1. Combat aircraft's are made to fight other enemy combat aircraft's and destroy enemy equipment.

20. Noncombat

20.1. Non-Combat aircraft are mainly used to transport military equipment and supplies

21. Companies

22. Types of automobiles

22.1. Automobiles can be classified in many ways such as what their purpose is, the type of fuel they use, and their capacity.

23. Purpose

23.1. There are many different purposes for the vast amount of automobiles that exist today, but the two main ones are transporting people and transporting goods.

24. Capacity

24.1. According to the capacity the vehicles are classified as light motor automobiles and heavy motor automobiles.

25. Fuel type

25.1. There are three main fuel types for automobiles: Petroleum, Diesel, and alternative fuel automobiles

26. Passenger automobile

26.1. These types of automobiles transport passengers. Automobiles of this type would be cars, buses, vans, etc.

27. goods automobile

27.1. These types of automobiles transport materials, cargo, food, and any other goods. They are mainly trucks.

28. light motor automobiles

28.1. These types of automobiles are light and can only carry light loads. Examples of these types of automobiles would be: Motorcycle, Car, Scooter.

29. heavy motor automobiles

29.1. These types of automobiles are very heavy and can carry very heavy materials

30. Petroleum

30.1. This type of fuel is the most common, Cars, Motorcycles, and Jeeps use this fuel.

31. Diesel

31.1. This type of fuel is usually used by bigger automobiles like Trucks, Buses, and Tractors.

32. Alternative fuel

32.1. Alternative fuel refers to any fuel other than Diesel and Petroleum. Types of automobiles that would use this type of fuel would be electric cars and hybrid automobiles.