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PHRASAL VERBS consist of by Mind Map: PHRASAL VERBS consist of
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PHRASAL VERBS consist of


I always look up new vocabulary words.

LOOK UP - search for

I can't get ahead even though I learn all the time.

GET AHEAD - make progres

She is always joking around at work.

JOKING AROUND - to be humorous

Are you going to hand back my book today?

HAND BACK - return

I am glad your new business is working out.

WORKING OUT - be successful

We will take this issue up in the morning.

TAKE UP(...) - discuss later


I run into my teacher at FOI yesterday.

RUN INTO - meet unexpectedly

He was running a company into the ground, so they had to lay off 200 workers.

LAY OFF - suspend someone from a job

I lost my job, and I don't know how to get by this year.

GET BY - survive

You don't need your mobile phone. You can get by with our telephone.

GET BY WITH - to manage with

I want you to carry on with the project when I am in the hospital.

CARRY ON WITH - continue

He zoomed in on her face while taking the photo.

ZOOM IN ON - focus on something


Children shouldn't talk back to their teachers.

TALK BACK TO - respond in an impolite way to an adult

Watch out for mean persons at work.

WATCH OUT FOR - be careful of

We ran out of money.

RAN OUT OF - not have any more of something

I veer away from the boring students.

VEER AWAY FROM - stay away from

Stop joking. Let's get down to business.

GET DOWN TO - get serious about (a topic)