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MY PLE by Mind Map: MY PLE

1. FACEBOOK. To be honest I do not use it that much. Yet, sometimes it is a good way to READ something, and SHARE bliefs. I always though to share thousands of things but at the end I never find the good moment to say anything. In others words, I am not sure whether using or not do it is going to be against me.



4. PLAY GUITAR,One of my hobbies. Paying to thinking.

5. RUN, almost every day to feel fredoom, let my mind fly from floor to sky. It gives me the oportunity to review the news of my favorite bands and the news about music. It is the moment to listen to new music.

6. SWIMMING, the silence under the whater helps me to reflect. After a whole day READING Studying, trainning in the swimmingpool helps me to review and reflect about all new concepts, experiences and ideas I have seen within.

7. MY DESK, where I spend a lot of time studying. This place is my personal-phisical space, I think I cannot forget about it.

8. COOKING, as I cook i have plenty of time to ask to miself about the day.The link is my favolrite chef.

9. PEKABO, my sport "friends comunity". When we meet always is to speak about triathlon, which involve cycling, running and swimming sport, so the conversations are a great deal of REFLECTION and SHARE things non stop, not to mention when we go throw food, material and trainning.

10. TRAVELING, THE HEART OF ME PLE. M y last year it has not been thee most thrilling but, when I am traveling thing I learn are uncountable.

11. UNIVERSITY, currently a volcano of information. I set near the heart of my PLE because if the major source of knowledge nowadays in my life.

12. SPOTIFY, the music social web 2.0 o listen music, formy is agood way to reflect and to learn,.

13. Youtube, my own canal where I upload my ideas about audiovisual hobbits. I consider this a mix between SHARE and REFLECT because I share with the world my thinkings and I know, step by step it will be improving. At moment it is just a place where a egocentric enjoy. Yet, I am learning a lot, what means I am going to share a lot more interesting things to let them drifting around the net which would serve for me againg.

14. Frisky Hedgehogs BLOGSPOT. This year (2016) I was reflecting every week the taks and works for Resources subject in primary education. At the same time it is a pleace where I READ . It is the place where I SHARE with others too.

15. SPEAKING WITH MAM: we share ideas and reflect about the life and so on, Always so emotional, that is something I give a lot of value, speak, speak , speak

16. TUMBLR. I was using this blog with my mates in ICT subject (Sakmoko2.0) to SHARE the infografics about Taxonomy, EABE16, web 2.0 tools, and so on. This is a place where I am currently learning to share ideas. I am not sure if Iam going to use it in the future, I prefer others kind of web 2.0 to do that.

17. WEEBLY. With Sakamoko2.0 we were working to create an activity for third grade of primary education and the final wrok is SHARED, all information, steps, standars... All in all, a good example of " SHARE".

18. BBC, I tent to use this web page to maintain me informed about the world news, sciense, technology, music, art, food, economy... I fact I used a Lot no to lose my english listening my favorite programs:The food Chain and The Documentary.

19. READ

20. THE GUARDIAN, This is the only digital newspaper I read with a direct connection to my inbox e-mail. Each morning I have breakfast reading it, also the reviews about cinema and music usually are excelent.

21. BOOKS, yes, ordinary books teach me a lot about life and help my to reflect. I tent to read anything pass through my hands, sometimes I got overwhelmling. But books are full of good messages, not only scientific. I love Murakami , Kundera and Dostoievski.

22. TWITTER, I am now an egg, READING  from others more than  SHARING  some ideas. To be honest I created my account this year and step by step I will getting the grasp of the social network. The idea of sharing , Reflecting and Reading from here is fantastic. I Will try to become a person as soon as possible, the stage of "egging" is not my cup of tea. But, one thing is clear, I understand much better the site and how it works thanks mates, and teachers so it will be fine further.

23. REGENERA, a society fostering to change the world surrounding us. So, I am a component of the Thuesday group in which the mindfulnes is the center of the meeting. I READ listened the explanation and from the experience of ohter. At moment I am not SHARING anything but on a near future I will do.

24. PSYCHOLOGY OF DEVELOPMENTAL DEPARTAMENT., because I am helping in some jobs as a student-boarder, it is giving me great deal of knoeledge. I have the oportunity to read some good articles about mindfulness and the book called "The invisible Classroom". Here READ is too an interaction among the rest of the team, we have been making some seminars to speak about the papers and share ideas and opinions.

25. YOUTUBE, where I learn from others thanks to tutorials and HOW..? I use it to share my ideas en experiences, like a smal reflection in images. I create my own canal to SHARE my views in a videos way when I travler. I put here my three favorite sites.

26. The School of live Youtube canal, Alain de Botton is the creator of this canal where I take a lot of information a bout the life.

27. LET's TALK it is my favorite canal to solve doubts about grammar in English and refresh my memorie.

28. ZEPfilms. It is my favorite Argentine Youtuber beacuse he is fulling his canal with alot of valuable information about films, Adobe, Photograph advantages and more.

29. TED This is an amazing webpage where thousands of videos-conferences-speech are share throught the world. I READ a lot from them there is everything you can image, technology, science, economy, phychology and much, much more. I tent to use, too, for learning some English.

30. Jordi Adell's blogspot, I discover this blog from the activity as Darkside of Textbooks in Resources subject and since the first moment become a reference  to follow becausue the views and world from Adell are just amazing and make my think and reflect about the educative world

31. Maggie Hos-macghrane's Blogspot. A fantastic Blog from where I have been reading since I have discovered that teachers are using this site to write, reflected and share goods thinkings and experiences, this woman just hook me up. It is just another place to READ fantastic information.


33. Villegas' Blogspot; In this Blog I READ a lot of information about food and sport, every time I need to ask something about new technology in nutrition this is the first site where I look up. Since I am extremely interested in sport( not watch it but practice it) Dr, Villegas always has a good reflection and a solid background in which I trust without a doubt.