What activities can we do with kids for the last seven days?

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What activities can we do with kids for the last seven days? by Mind Map: What activities can we do with kids for the last seven days?

1. Elementary/Middle: grade levels that students will go into can start taking students and explain what the beginning of school will be like. "Swap Up" days.

2. Use video app such as Touchcast and create schoolyear highlight reel or video for next years class using phone. Have students write and edit presentation before going before camera.

3. Elementary love crafts! There are a ton of crafts that can be linked to our standards! Let them get creative!

4. Help students design self-directed summer learning activities!

5. For lower elementary - Use the alphabet as a spring board for completing a project, art activity, movement exercise, writing piece, etc. until the end of school. Idea for next year (can do one a day for 26 days - with few days left, bundle a lot of letters into each day)Students love trying to guess what the activity will be for each letter. X - is difficult so we decided last year it would be for eXchange autographs and a memory with classmates.

6. Use Jam Sessions in TenMarks and have races on basic skills and reward the winner(s).

7. Use Discovery Education online techbook (if available) have a student research a topic, videos, and/or assignments and give their feedback on its applicability.

8. Use NextLesson project to reinforce skill needed for next grade level

9. Middle/High: writing activity...students can write notes of advice or suggestions for next years' students about things they need to know for specific classes; make a board, or seal in envelopes. Let students add contact information if they want to...Twitter, Facebook ,etc.

10. All grade levels: log into NextLesson and have the class collaboratively pick a seven-day unit. Work it to the 17th and have presentations on the final day. Have a party to celebrate the completion of the PBL unit. NextLesson? Ask your principal...

11. Work with students on Peer-Editing final papers and projects. -SHHS Web Design - Mr. Twigg

12. English II will has an Antigone unit that fits into the short space between end of testing and exams.