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Alcohol Abuse by Mind Map: Alcohol Abuse

1. Signs and Symptoms

1.1. Using alcohol during times of danger. Driving, operating machinery, mixing medication and alcohol

1.2. Neglecting certain responsibilities at home, work or school due to alcohol use

1.2.1. failing classes, missing work, neglecting kids, failing to do things you're supposed to be committed to do

1.3. Toleration of alcohol increases dramatically

1.4. Several legal issues due to alcohol use

1.5. Using alcohol to "solve" problems even when it's the creator of the problem in the first place

1.6. Having withdrawal when alcohol is not present.

1.6.1. shaky, nausea, insomnia, irritability, depression, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, anxiety, sweating

1.7. Uncontrolable drinking

1.8. quitting other activities to be able to consume alcohol

1.9. you want to quit drinking but you can't

1.10. alcohol is a big focus

1.11. Family member leaves a lot and comes home drunk or hungover

1.12. Loss of self control when it comes to drinking

1.12.1. Can't have just a drink or two, must get drunk

2. Effects of Alcoholism

2.1. becoming violent

2.1.1. emotionally, physically or mentally abuse people while under the influence of alcohol

2.2. relationship problems

2.2.1. people feel it is their fault

2.2.2. lie for you

2.2.3. work harder to clean up your mess or to be able to make enough money to be able to afford you drinking and other expenses

2.2.4. emotional trauma especially in children

2.3. unemployment

2.3.1. poverty

2.4. Health issues

2.4.1. liver disease

2.4.2. heart problems

2.4.3. diabeties

2.4.4. digestive problems

2.4.5. nausea

2.4.6. brain damage

2.4.7. sight problems

2.4.8. birth defects

2.4.9. death

2.4.10. increased risk of cancer

2.4.11. weakened immune system

3. Getting Help

3.1. Rehab

3.2. Self Help programs

3.3. Therapy

3.4. Self-directed approaches

3.5. Family or friends often help

4. Causes

4.1. Depression

4.2. loss of a loved one

4.3. stress

4.4. social isolation

4.5. gender

4.5.1. males are more often alcohol abusers

4.6. age

4.6.1. the younger one starts drinking the more likely they are to become an alcoholic

4.7. environment

4.7.1. where you grow up can be a factor of alcohol abuse, if there is alcohol around you then you are more likely to become an alcoholic

4.8. genetic

4.8.1. a family member is also an alcoholic