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holocaust by Mind Map: holocaust

1. Nazi beliefs

1.1. lebensraum: The territory that a state or nation believe is needed for natural development, especially associated with Nazi Germany.

1.2. a strong Germany: The treaty of Versailles should be abolished and all German speaking people united in one country.

1.3. Furher: A ruthless, tyrannical leader.

1.4. social Darwinism: The idea the Aryan race was superior and Jews were "subhuman"

1.5. Autarky: The idea that Germany should be economically self-sufficient.

1.6. Germany was in danger: From communism and Jews, who had to be destroyed.

1.7. Racist: Jews should not be German citizens and immigration should be stopped.

1.8. socialist: farmers should be given their land water and electrical industry's should be owed by the state.

2. The final solution

2.1. The final solution was a policy followed by nazi Germany during World War II. The final solution started in 1939 and was finalized in 1941 and went to 1945. During this time the nazis started killing jews one by one.

3. Kristallnacht

3.1. Kristallnacht is the name given to the night attacks of November 9-10, 1938, When the Nazi attacked Jews and destroyed Jewish business and cathedral throughout Germany and Australia. Kristallnacht is a German word meaning Crystal Night. In English, the event is called the Night of Broken Glass because the Nazis devastated the windows of many Jewish-owned stores. To help stop this from happening again, we can promote world leaders to not support leaders in countries that do things such as genocide.

4. liberators

4.1. dThe liberators were from the soviet union and US or britian

4.2. The US liberated 20,000 people from Buchenwald camp

4.3. There was a barn full of 14,000 pounds of hair

4.4. Most people that were saved had typhus and over 10,000 people died

4.5. I don't find this interesting i find it sick and i think its good for people to know about this so it does not happen again

4.6. The soviet union liberated the camps Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka, Aushwitz,Stutthof, Sachsenhausen, Ravensbrueck.

4.7. The US liberated the camps Buchenwald, Dora-Mittelbau, Flossenburg, Dachau and Mauthausen

4.8. Britain liberated the two camps Neuengamme and Bergen-belsen

4.9. The little prisoners that survived resembled skeletons because of the demands of forced labor and lack of food

4.10. When the liberators got to the camps they saw dead unburied bodies

4.11. Many of the camps were brunt down so there was no epidemics

5. The ghetto

5.1. Ghettos are a slum area occupied by groups or gangs Ghettos started to appear in Europe as early as 70 A.D. One example is the Warsaw ghettos was a section of Warsaw, Poland, where Nazi Germany held Jewish people during World War II 1939-1945 Warsaw is the capital and largest city of Poland. The ghetto there was the largest of many set up by Germany throughout eastern Europe. The Nazis followed many brutal policies rooted in anti-semitism prejudice against Jews. They forced East European Jews into ghettos and deprived them of basic human rights. The Nazis eventually sent nearly all the ghetto residents to death camps. The mass murder of European Jews by the Nazis is leading to the holocaust. The calories for Jews in a ghetto 184 calories for a gentile the max was 699 and then 2,613 for Germans my calorie intake a day is about 2500-2900 in the ghetto most of the people that were in the ghetto either starved were killed by Nazis or died from diseases such as typhus.