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Georgetown Cypher Characters by Mind Map: Georgetown Cypher Characters
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Georgetown Cypher Characters

Ian MacAlester

Serial Entrepreneur forced into dealing with the consequences of Life Cyphering!

Debra Laurie

Cunning and Pretty DA! She starts investigation into alleged widespread fraud rooted in Government and Vatican Scandal

Paul Bailey

International Businessman! He is known to be a philanthropist and extremely sucessful. He is very mysterious and a target of a federal investigation.

Xavier Cortez

Brilliant Jesuit! He suffers and benefits from extreme emotionality!

Raven (Sara Tosh)

Mysterious beautiful woman! Ian's spiriyual Guide!

Samuel Tosh (First Vision)

First Century Jewish "True Believer" Seeker!

Artemus Champaneux (Second Vision)

Medieval Chevalier Mercenary!

Ruth Grumman

Spiritual Descendant of Samuel Tosh!

Otto Grumman

Mysterious SS Nazi Religious Relic Hunter!

Jacques La Fleur

Antique Furniture Shop Owner in Cannes!

Sasha Burnes

Beautiful Research Expert with a Passion for Everything, Freemason!

Jim Moriarty

Out of Work Hasbeen Conspiracy Theorist!

Xavier Cortez

Brilliant Jesuit! He suffers and benefits from extreme emotionality!

Father Alberto

Robert Oppenheimer


Zyta Rodriguez, Great Grand mama

Otto Grumman

Samuel Tosh

First Century Jewish "True Believer" Seeker!

Jonah Levy

Jonah Levy is the fictionalized nephew of Moab Levy.

Agrippa I

He lived between 10BC-44AD and reigned as King from 37AD to 44 AD.


He lived from approximately 20BC to sometime after 39 AD. He reigned from approxiamtely 5AD to 39AD. He was banished to Gaul.

James, the Apostle

Mary Magdalene

Hiram Abiud

Artemus Champaneux

Medieval Chevalier Mercenary!


Philip II

King of France. He lived from August 1165 to July 1223. His reign was from 1180 to 1223.

King John

King of England. He lived from 1167 to 1216. He reigned  from 1199 to 1216.

Pope Innocent III

Pope of Church of Rome. He lived from 1160 to 1216. He was Pope from 1198 to 1216.

Bernard Sermon