Interface Design MindMap by Glenys

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Interface Design MindMap by Glenys by Mind Map: Interface Design MindMap      by Glenys

1. navigation devices

1.1. Where am I?

1.1.1. highlight current location

1.1.2. navigator bar

1.1.3. colors used to show location

1.2. Move forward and backwards

1.3. Give Directions to new places

1.3.1. hyperlinks Changes occur as cursor move over

1.4. Sign posts to guide the journey

1.4.1. Textual Reference next topic Current topic previous topic

1.5. Clearly mark different sections

1.5.1. design differences

1.6. Links clearly indicated

1.6.1. different colour

1.6.2. different font

2. Graphics

2.1. Connections to text

2.2. Consider download time

2.2.1. use visual anchors lower resolution black and white copy

2.2.2. Slice for faster download

2.2.3. optimize GIF or JPEG format browser safe colours compression

2.3. Color

2.3.1. create mood

2.3.2. use to group information similiar colours for similair topics

2.3.3. contrast text and background Dark color background print poorly Colored background should be pastels muted tones low in color saturation consider the colorblind viewer

2.3.4. Hyperlinks use standard default colours Blue for hyperlink red or purple for visited links

2.4. meaningful

2.4.1. directly support text

2.4.2. instructional purpose

2.5. type face

2.5.1. test appearance various platforms Mac PC popular browsers Firefox Explorer

2.5.2. consistent

2.5.3. sans fonts most readable