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L3 MIS: Managing Time and Information by Mind Map: L3 MIS: Managing Time and Information
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L3 MIS: Managing Time and Information

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L3 MIS:Tools: toodledo

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Toodledo Advanced - Notes

Why MIS Fill in the blank test Sort by due date and alphabetical create 01 folder: first folder all the way to left. read left to right short name so no width so you can see all folders 01= daily routine. how when where best deal with task target time. time of day military time so alphabet when you can most likely talk to people, or be in the right place to deal with topics examples when tasks come up go down 01 folder and add to title (caps vs not) 01 serves as a gateway to all things star items that are waiting on you; stay in 01 folder most of time: process email, calls etc get you to think about grouping tasks intead of just doing whatever, you group and better determine what is most important for you to get to stars help you know what you need to deal with notes sections: make url shortcuts to where you would elaborate on task: weekly, folders, collaborater folders, mindmaps, websites how to make links director task is good example: director meeting, mindmap, or gm now you can quickly go where you can enhance.  therefore practical that you will all staff then working together. go directly to collaboraters account currently: mass emails.  accumulating mess this will allow for development of your job measuring worth: financial numbers justify pay, mis justifies how good you are.  possible that your numbers may be down but you are still very effective.  best mis is most organized person. ability to delegate. if nothing there then I can see nothing new staff: if you want to impress us then  the more changes and enhancements to toodledo then the better successful people: do what they say they are going to do and find a way not to have to do the same thing over and over trust issue: worry that we will mistreat or not remember or not recognize their work. fear someone else will take their stuff and lesson their value.  i understand that BUT If you are to work for PAC you have to do this system why would i hire someone who does not shooting myself in foot to continue to allow someone to work for me, do a good job, and all the while me lose control if i have no map.  if i were going to do that i would lease my gym. but i have a debt to repay 02 folder: for weekly tasks: 01 0900 = monday at 9:00. 01 or 02? Directors: if now then 01, if can wait then 02 03 folderannual: 01 = January 02 and 03 put dates on them 01 no dates because no want to check off everyday 01 date things you are not strong in remembering pushes to the top and serves as news flash things dated can be sent to phone or email reminder example dring water. iphone has obnoxios alarm for very serious things but text is good for subtle after a while when i get used to it i just take off the date 02 more likely to date because need a reminder note that if you want to see everything then go to all tasks and you will see the things dated accross all folders check both regularly problem: will you forget something:  not if you setup notifications to your phone/email 03 annual - used to put in a folder called annual but problem is that you cant see subtasks that are dated when going to all folders is possible in flattened view but it is a horrible view just pull it out out and make it a task and date it example bdays, holiday notes 11 = november department folders: more elaborate sequential tasks like payroll or departments that you delegate. if i get a misc task i go down my 01, click on link that takes me to misc folder. example misc 01 02 for cleaning maintenance and i delegate staff to go into my account and they can work through tasks then when i go to all tasks i can see my stuff plus all the things people i delegate to. example construction, melody account: bookeeping notepad problem: get lost, do not turn into procedures, take time to put in toodledo.  get phone with app.  speech to text app then copy and paste into todo app or email it to myself then cut and paste to task if must have notepad great but ifyou do not put into toodledo then of no use to the company. firm foundation and company does not rely on an individual if everyone using then instead of having to rely on email or my 01 folder then if time i will go 01 link lead me to that person and put in their folder.  just like email but much more effecient they can then sort and put where they want 0000 Incoming = where other people or you can put quick incoming stuff.  very convenient for people collarborating with you. if really good at knowing your folder then they may go to a direct place and put there. kidshave news: go to my 01 kh which would link me to kh account incoming and i can put it there mindmeister: for elaborate instruction manual on how to do things. tasks in todo will link to maps that correspond instead of trying to find somthing that is tucked away in map branch somehwere we can go to your todo account and think clearly as to where the information will be and you can lead us to it with your hyperlinks

Folder Structure

if it were a recurring task that is a procedure then you would choose to put the task in a FOLDER called BIlling where you would alphabetize the tasks so they line up right.  again set a date on them   when you go to all tasks you will see everything. when you go to 01 you will see your daily routine.  make this folder a "target" of what it would be like to have a perfect day :) see my toodledo account as an example.  i made many more changes to it this past weekend to get it to be a good example   i will now go to my own toodledo account where i have a place and time to think about directors.  there is a link to the mindmeister handbook where i can click and instantly open the director handbook where this information should be posted.  next time i encounter this, i will be able to pull it up from the google staff site and send a link :)  


Mind Meister

mindmeister seems to work best in google chrome when you click on a map, if it does not respond then right click on it and select "open in new tab" when making major changes, linking, copy and or paste, be patient and give internet time time to adjust mindmeister update: now we can take an online mindmeister map and link it to our google sites for anyone to see. they can view it in their web browser even if they do not have a mindmeister account or mindjet. I would think that our google sites will become full of mindmeister maps. we can also password protect them if needed. in light of this i plan to take some of the toodledo data and put it back into mindmeister mapping.

Moving data into mindmeister

when importing to mindmeister you must bring in topics as they will often come in a mile away. To do this you must cut the branch, navigate near the core topic, double click on the map to create a new topic, and then paste the cut topic to the new topic. then move the pasted topic to the core. then delete the original name the document according to "pac structure". make sure the core topic is the same as the name of the document. then create new mindmeister maps make sure you name them in logical orders note that all info that it tied to an action should be in toodledo. but non-action maps can remain in mindmeister there should be a project in toodledo for every mindmeister map. make sure to paste the url of the map into the notes section the goal is that all information be accessible from toodledo


pac account for staff: paclexsc; lefty3484 evernote: kidshaven evernote accoutn: kidshaven.pac; lefty3484 (emails are sent from

more info

some info on this is still in smacklen account in folder -phy res/mis


avoid losing data in emails: compose procedures in toodledo. send link to procedures in toodledo IF is to a staff person who has toodledo account. if they do not then copy and past toodledo info to emails i still want all tasks that potentially reocur in toodledo. BUT, now people that do not have to have minjet software OR a mindmeister account can still read the maps we will create links in toodledo to the mindmaps to make sure they flow together. as well as some other material that is mostly informational rather than task oriented.  new staff should start on our staff google site. this should show them everything they need. it will either link them to mindmeister maps or to docs/videos that are in the public folder of dropbox (example toodledo how to video).  the pacguest account has expired. i do not plan to renew as it was not user friendly enough. when it comes to sending toodledo data to non-toodledo people, we will have to print the info to snagit and post it to the site as a pdf. OR simply log them in as a user. for directors: toodledo points to maps for regular staff: google sites point to maps     google staff training site: mindmeister training maps now online   printing in toodledo text yourself your toodledo reminders: public folder in dropbox; posting to your site gmail: priority inbox picture on mail accounts picture coming in on gpm1 network solutions get matt scheduling on google calendar the kidshaven program kerri google calendar on mine putting toodledo on gmail calendar  

Google Email: See Ashlea, Steve, or Melody for passwords