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Adjetives by Mind Map: Adjetives

1. Long Adjetives

1.1. Generous

1.1.1. My father is equally generous to my mother (IGUALATIVO)

1.1.2. My father is more generous than my sister (SUPERATIVO)

1.1.3. My father is less generous than my brother (INFERIORIDAD)

1.1.4. My father is the most generous of his work (SUPERLATIVO)

1.2. Intelligent

1.2.1. My sister is as smart as my father

1.2.2. My sister is smarter than my mother

1.2.3. My sister is less intelligent than my brother

1.2.4. my sister is the smartest of the class

1.3. Handsome

1.3.1. Jose is as handsome as Williams

1.3.2. Jose is more handsome than Pedro

1.3.3. Jose is less handsome than my father

1.3.4. jose is the most handsome of the house

1.4. Optimistic

1.4.1. Josefina is equally optimistic that Yuli

1.4.2. Josefina is more optimistic than Brenda

1.4.3. Josefina is less optimistic than Paola

1.4.4. Josefina is the most optimistic of its university

1.5. Idealistic

1.5.1. Rosa is equally of idealistic than Yuli

1.5.2. Rosa is more idealistic than Angel

1.5.3. Rosa is less  idealistic than  Yuli

1.5.4. Rosa is the most idealistic of his work

2. Short Adjetives

2.1. Happy

2.1.1. Juana is equally happy that Peter (IGUALATIVO)

2.1.2. Juana is less happy than Eduardo (INFERIORIDAD)

2.1.3. Juana is the happiest of the family  (SUPERLATIVO)

2.2. Hot

2.2.1. My coffee is hot like that of Yenny

2.2.2. My coffee is hotter than the coffee Teffy

2.2.3. My coffee is less hot than the cafe Oneil

2.2.4. This coffee is the hottest I have ever had

2.3. Cold

2.3.1. My room is cold like the breast

2.3.2. My room is colder than my brother

2.3.3. My room is less cold than my sister

2.3.4. My room is the coldest of my house

2.4. Fast

2.4.1. Ronaldo is just as fast as Bale

2.4.2. Ronaldo is faster than Neymar Jr

2.4.3. Ronaldo is less fast than Antonio

2.4.4. Ronaldo is the fastest of its Country

2.5. Slow

2.5.1. Pique is as slow as Bartra

2.5.2. Pique is slower than Neymar Jr

2.5.3. Pique is faster than Sergio B.

2.5.4. Pique is the least rapid defense