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LoanStar Home Lending by Mind Map: LoanStar Home Lending

1. Blog

1.1. RSS (Real Simple Syndication

1.1.1. Social Profiles Facebook Twitter Linkedin Google Plus

1.1.2. Boostr Network Branded Network of Web 2.0 High Authority Websites All linking back to

2. Location Based SEO (Branches)

2.1. Boostr Netwrok (Tier 1 Branded)

2.1.1. Tier 1

2.2. Press Release

2.2.1. Press Release Copywriting Syndication

2.3. GMB Listing Optimization

2.3.1. Google My Business Optimization GMB Category Research Custom GMB Description GMB Photo Optimization Google My Maps Google My Maps Embeds Google+ Relevant Article(s)

2.4. USA Big Data Aggregators Listings (control over 300 listings)

2.4.1. Factual Data

2.4.2. Infogroup NAP NAP

2.4.3. Nuestar

2.4.4. Acxiom

2.5. Citation Audit of Top 2 Competitors

2.5.1. Citation = Mention of Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) Competitor Citation Creations (40 minimum citations) NAP

3. Press Release

3.1. Copywriting

3.1.1. Syndication ABC NBC FOX CBS +200 More Media Outlets PR

4. Reviewr - Reputation Management and Marketing

4.1. Gather Client and Partner Testimonials

4.1.1. Feedback Request Zillow Feedback Request Yelp Feedback Request Google My Business Feedack Request Direct to Reviewr Feedback Market Testimonials

4.1.2. Dynamic Widget Embed to any Website

5. Website

5.1. Keyword Research

5.2. Architecture

5.2.1. Silos

5.2.2. Category

5.2.3. Supporting Pages Posts Video

5.2.4. Pages LoanStar Company Pages Branch Pages Consumers (Borrowers) Real Estate Partners (Referral Partners) Loan Officer - Staff (Employees)

5.3. On Page SEO

5.4. Blog

5.4.1. 500 Word Count Post Per Week Each Post Targets

5.5. Lead Capture

5.5.1. Call To Actions (CTA's)

5.5.2. Lead Magnets Email Database Email Nurturing Campaign

5.6. Trust Elements

5.6.1. Testimonials

5.6.2. Association Badges

5.6.3. SSL

5.7. Metrics + Tracking

5.7.1. Google Analytics

5.7.2. Google Search Console

5.7.3. Google Tag Manager

5.7.4. Facebook Pixel

5.7.5. Keyword Tracking