Planning my presentation

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Planning my presentation by Mind Map: Planning my presentation

1. Message

1.1. Audience

1.1.1. Ideation: The idea is to get my potential employers into my character and to understand why I would want to work for them. I will also get them to understand that I have all the necessary qualifications and more. Writing Critique

2. STAR Moment

2.1. Memorable Dramatization: This is where I will incorporate my audio file of Zaytoven killing it on the piano.

2.1.1. Repeatable Sound Bites: I will use a Zaytoven Tagline every time that I change my slides. *ZAYTOVEN* Emotive Storytelling: I'm going to fill the audience in on my early stage in life at 14, when I started listening to Zaytoven productions. Make the audience relate as to why I chose Zaytiggy as my inspiration. Incorporate strong emotions into my presentation. Shocking Statistics

3. Who is the audience?

3.1. My audience is my fellow classmates and also my potential future employers. My classmates are of all age, so make sure to keep it classy but fun and interesting. Make sure to direct it to both men and woman. Keep it professional. My potential employers want to hear distinguished facts that separate me from others. Keep it aimed at why this would be interesting to them and make sure to never lose their attention, not even for a second. After my presentation, I want my audience to recognize me as a person able to be an influential change in the music industry. I want them to think, "Wow, I would love to have him on my team.

3.1.1. Potential Employers: This would be the Atlantic Records Executives. Classmates if presenting

4. Detail my flow of ideas

4.1. End

4.1.1. Middle Beginning

5. Explain true message

5.1. My true message will consist of why I want to do this and what inspired me. I love music so much and have such a crazy passion for it. Music helped me every time I was down and out, and I want to provide that for other people as well. Music is my play, when I'm engaged in music time flies by and I just get lost in it. Music brings me to a certain happy place and makes me more creative and motivated in anything I do. I want Atlantic Records to see that I don't just want the money, to be honest thats not even what I'm shooting for. I want them to realize the love that I have for them.

6. What tools am I going to use?

6.1. I am going to use a slide show in this presentation. As well as an image of Zaytoven from Google and credit it if necessary. A quick clip of zaytoven in the studio working on a project, from youtube or where I can find a decent one. I will also use 15-30 seconds to include audio of Zaytoven playing the piano. I will get this from one of the copyrighted songs

7. Time Usage: 4-5 Minutes

8. My Inspiration:

9. Minute 1: I will bring up my inspiration, Zaytoven. He inspired me to start making music. He is hands down the best producer in my opinion. I will show an image of him to give the audience a sense of who I am referring too. I will let the audience know who I am, what I do, and why I'm here.

10. Minute 2: I will talk about being a song writer and artist. However, include that fact that I want to be a record producer. Explain to the audience why I do what I do. Zaytoven's different sounds caught the music industry's ear, and this made me think if he can do it then maybe one day I can too. I will talk about my love for this occupation. Here I will use the Zaytoven tag line (Star moment-repeatable sound bit) and show a clip of him producing beats.

11. Minute 3-4: I will explain how my skills will be a valuable asset to Atlantic Records. I will talk about my visions for the future of the company. In these minutes, I will also explain to the company what I can bring to the table that separates me from the rest of the other possible employees. Then I will go into detail of what I have learned at Full Sail and list my credentials. I will also drop the Zaytoven tagline here as well (Star moment-repeatable sound bite.)

12. Minute 5: I will begin wrapping the presentation up here. Further suggest why I should be the one to get hired here. I will leave the audience with a new bliss, something that will not make them forget me. Explain the effort that I will put into the label, and back it up. I will play a quick audio of Zaytoven on the piano, and after it is finished I will say now this is what I'm trying to bring to the table. (Star Moment-memorable dramatization.)

13. I am currently a song writer and artist, but I want to be a RECORD PRODUCER. I have always been fascinated by making beats and doing all of the necessities to break a record. I would love to collab with great artists and infuse my idea with theirs.

14. Xavier Dotson, better known as Zaytoven, is my inspiration. He is a record producer. Worked with many big artists like Future, Young thug, and Drake to name a few. He was born in Germany, raised in San Fransisco, then moved to Atlanta, and his career took off.

15. Visual Story

15.1. Visual thinking: I will tell my story in a way that my audience could literally picture it in their heads.

15.1.1. Graphic Design Motion design Critique

16. Delivery

16.1. I will deliver most of this presentation as the human part. I will relate to my audience and provide a great delivery. Use a steady and energetic tone.

16.1.1. Web or Devices Paper Critique

17. Obstacles

17.1. Production: I think I might have some problems making my slides look not too complicated for the audience. I also might have a hard time finding good footage that is rated pg for my audience to see and hear. I'm having a hard time getting all of my music on my new mac, and this will make it more difficult for me to find a good audio clip. I'm not used to editing videos and images, but I have a feeling that I will need to do this.

17.1.1. Delivery: I need to practice more of keeping my voice at a steady pitch to deliver the right message to my audience. I will also need to portray my emotions in the correct way. This might be a problem, because I usually do not show my emotions. I also need to get better at eye contact, so I could make the audience feel as I'm talking to them one by one.

18. Thoughts on hardest parts?

18.1. Production: The hardest part for me is providing what I could bring to the table. Since we are imaging this is in the future and we do not have all of these qualifications. I am going to do some serious research about the needed qualifications to get on a record label. I have to get really creative to impress such a record label as Atlantic.

18.1.1. Delivery: The hardest part for me is finding out what is exactly going to catch my audiences eye and ear. This implies especially in my delivery. I can't talk dull and unexcited about the subject. It is going to be tough for me to break out of my comfort zone. Although, I will definitely get out of it, because it is a subject that is so dear to me.

19. Imagine in the future the way that I want to be perceived by potential employers after I graduate from Full Sail.

20. Who you want to be

21. How you want to be percieved

21.1. I want to be perceived as a person with talent and many capabilities. I don't want to be overlooked. I want people to leave the room and say, "What was his name?" I want to be perceived as a man of intelligence, that can bring something to the table OVERTIME.

22. Where you want to go

22.1. I want to be hired for a big record company like Atlantic Records. Some of my favorites musicians have signed to this label and this has been my dream.