Website Information Architecture

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Website Information Architecture by Mind Map: Website Information Architecture

1. Homepage

1.1. In each page the main title of the website will be shortcut back to the front page. There will also be a side bar to navigate you though all the art. There will be a search bar at the top to find specific things.

2. The Junk Man From Africa

2.1. About the artist and his works.

3. 2D Works

3.1. This would be a 2D work section connected to form work and 3D work.

4. 3D Works

4.1. Sculpture

4.2. 3D works

5. Form work

5.1. This introduce the 2D work and 3D works at school.

6. Step by step guides

6.1. Written guides

6.2. Video guides

7. Blog

7.1. Will be about what we are going to do and what projects we are doing on that day. Updated every week.

8. Forum

8.1. Feedback page

9. Site map

10. Other artwork

10.1. Artwork we make at home

11. Technique

11.1. Shown techniques.

12. videos

12.1. Guides

13. Land art

13.1. ...

14. Artists

14.1. This will show people which artist we are studying and introductions to each artists.

15. Art trips

15.1. Introduce people to show where we went with art related things.