Counter Monument

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Counter Monument by Mind Map: Counter Monument

1. Memorials might have unintended consequences that undermine the memories they were meant to preserve.

2. To engage (and enrage) the community on a much deeper level.

3. Self conscious memorial spaces conceived to challenge the very premises of their being

4. What it is...

4.1. Everchanging

4.2. Forces the passerby to become part of the memorial

5. What it not is...

5.1. Affirm the righteousness of a nations birth

5.2. Frozen in time

6. #1Critique on Counter Monuments

6.1. These fascist era monuments desensitize the meaning of the events and "bury them beneath national myths and explanations"

6.2. The monuments are just seen as "markers and base" that are desperately trying to get people to understand and connect to an event they never actually knew.

7. #3Goal of the Monuments

7.1. Is be inclusive as a community, both victim and or perpetrator trying make sense of their country's past history. Helping them to reflect on the events in a more meaningful way.

7.2. To figure out a way to depart from the fascist tendencies that existed in most monuments and return it to the people and community that are seeking to have meaningful connections.

7.3. The designed to change over time, to create an awareness of something that is missing in order to provoking viewers to question, think, and connect more actively.

8. #2Meaning of the Hamburg Counter Monuments

8.1. Jochen Gerz devised a structure that disappeared over time in response to public participation.

8.2. As more and more names cover the tall lead column, it will gradually be lowered into the ground. Not only does it invite all people to be apart of the memory (whether with love or hate), it allows a community of people to come together and apart of the healing process.

9. #4 Meaning of Kassel "reflecting pool" Monument

9.1. Horst Hoheisel designed the new fountain as a mirror image of the old one, sunk beneath the old place in order to getting people thinking, question and penetrate the consciousness of the Kassel citizens and those who visit.

10. #5 Young's critic of memorials

10.1. Memorials are "big form that pretends to have a meaning, that sustains itself for eternity, that never changes over time, never evolves—it fixes history, it embalms or somehow stultifies it.”

10.2. It enable viewers to become more passive and forgetful, because they “do our memory work for us.”