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Your Brain at Work by Mind Map: Your Brain at Work
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Your Brain at Work

Time Management Advice

Prioritize Prioritizing - early in the day when attention is at its peak

Use the brain to interact, not to store - use visual aids, colors, lists to store

Do NOT Multi-task

Don't start working on an item if all resources not available to avoid "queue"

Separate Blocks of Time for variation


"Director" overseeing workings of the brain

Default Network = Narrative experience i.e. self-aware and interpretation e.g. breeze=no jacket hence will catch cold

Direct experience = sensory i.e. not self-aware and non-interpretation e.g. breeze=cool air

Mindfulness = practice of switching experiences

Working Memory

Pre-Frontal Cortex (PFC)


Routine Activities

Distractions / Inhibiting

Interest / Alertness

Insights / Intuition


Planning Advice

Simplify e.g soundbites --> executive skill

Chunk work

Only hold 2 items to compare, max 3-4 no more

Inhibit distractions - turn off everything, clear mind, clear workspace

Collaboration Advice



Teams (home or work)

Handle Emotions Advice

Refocus quickly in VETO state

Label/Name your state to inhibit limbic system


Expect good things to increase dopamine levels

Set low expectations to exceed them and create positive spiral

Mindmap by Rajesh Raheja