Monarch Butterfly

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Monarch Butterfly by Mind Map: Monarch Butterfly

1. Action plan:

1.1. I can help maintain the environment

1.1.1. Plant milkweeds and flowers.

1.1.2. Walk to school to cause less pollution

1.1.3. 3 R's so I can produce less waste

1.2. The government can stop destroying the monarch butterflies habitat

1.2.1. Set up shelters to help preserve the monarch butterfly

1.3. NGO's can help by planting plants including milkweed and flowers

1.3.1. They can also do the 3 R's

2. Habitat

2.1. In spring and summer: open fields, meadows that include milkweeds. In winter: coast of southern California also in central Mexico on high altitudes

3. Status

3.1. Special Concern

4. Biome

4.1. Grasslands, some forests

5. Biology

5.1. SIZE:Wing Span is 8.6cm-12.4cm(3-4 inches)

5.2. COLOUR:Black and Orange

5.3. FOOD:Larvae eats milkweed and adult eats nectar

5.4. OFFSPRING:760 eggs

5.5. WEIGHT: 0.5 grams

5.6. BEHAVIOUR:Long distance migrator. Migrates north and south. Great grandchildren of individual butterfly makes it back at starting point. Individual does not. Monarchs gather in the fall who are in north go to south. In spring, they breed while heading north.

5.6.1. New node

5.7. LIFE CYCLE: 2-6 weeks. First egg then larvae then chrysalis then butterfly

6. Human impacts:

6.1. Destroy habitats

6.2. Use insect repellent in gardens

6.3. Pollution

7. Map


8. Photo