Usability Studies: The $1 Fix to the $100 Problem

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Usability Studies: The $1 Fix to the $100 Problem by Mind Map: Usability Studies: The $1 Fix to the $100 Problem

1. Prototype Formats

1.1. Paper

1.1.1. Moderator acts as computer

1.2. Wizard of Oz

1.2.1. Assistant controls prototype behind the scenes

1.3. Linked

1.3.1. like balsamiq or invision

1.3.2. Axure

1.4. Functional

1.4.1. Prototype is in working code

2. Presenter

2.1. Ash Banaszek

2.2. Union Pacific

2.3. "You can use an eraser on a drafting table or a sledge hammer on the construction site"

3. Activities

3.1. Ship Cars Now

3.1.1. Scope Study SCN website's account creation process

3.1.2. Goal Why the user aborts at this page

3.1.3. Users Customers creating SVN accounts

3.1.4. Metrics

3.2. Example Project

3.2.1. Amazon accidentally purchasing eBooks instead of downlaoding samples.

3.2.2. Scope Study Accidental purchasing of ebooks process

3.2.3. Goals Identify why the users aren't using the automated service in the site to cancel their order and reverse the charges

3.2.4. Users Customers who are downloading samples of the books

3.2.5. Metrics how many started the cancelation process what step in the process was the automated process abandoned and chat/call how many completed the process

3.2.6. User Group People who want to buy a book

3.2.7. Use Cases Buy a book that I find interesting Decide if a book is something I want to purchase Find books to add to a wish list / gift list for birthday Returning a gift ! Buy a specific book

3.2.8. Business Goals Automate / reduce human interaction painless experience -> happy customer

3.2.9. Users Goal Charges removed Confidence that the transaction is completed

3.2.10. Tasks Find a book of potential interest Preview the book Return the book Buy the book

3.2.11. Compiled Notes Critical Errors - login audible Off happy path user logins header / footer starting points Time on task 3min 27.5 seconds Wrong place under "assistance" "Return" vs "Cancel" Completed successfully Recommendation Under synonyms offer alternate suggestions Were you looking for returns, or canceling a digital item

4. Usability Testing

4.1. Plan

4.1.1. Scope

4.1.2. Goals

4.1.3. Users

4.1.4. Tasks Create a non-leading task Avoid using site keywords Do not give hints Use common language Tip Worried about being too general/? Ask a colleague or friend to read it and describe what they thought it meant

4.1.5. Metrics

4.2. Enact Plan

4.2.1. Stakeholder signoff

4.2.2. Recruit users How many? About 5 per user group Until issues/feedback begin to repeat themselves

4.2.3. Schedule Time schedule more due to no-shows

4.2.4. Check Equipment

4.2.5. Set moratorium on changes to the system want all tests to have been done on the same system

4.3. Perform Test

4.3.1. Apply Moratorium

4.3.2. Check Equipment Test your equipment int he environment it will be used brightness temperature field tools different from office tools

4.3.3. Pilot Get a colleague or friend to act as a test participant Use exact prototype/thing you will be testing Run through it exactly as if they were a user, no special instructions

4.3.4. Orient "Usability Study" "This is not a test, and there are no right or wrong answers." Explain study's purpose Explain methodology you will use type of prototype Emphasize we're testing the system not them Answer any procedural questions the user may have Assure them you are looking for honest feedback and there are no hurt feelings

4.3.5. Run Test Strive to minimize distractions only you and the participant should be present moderating techniques Think aloud protocol Probing questions Concurrent Retrospective

4.3.6. Tips Pre Study Questions learn about this type of person Post TASK question learn about that specific task Post Study Questions learn about overall experience and what was memorable Taking Notes If possible have a scribe Use as much detail as possible Time Notations Captures quotes and user's language Unhappy Path ask "What would you expect to find here.. on this path?" then redirect back to happy path

4.4. Aanalyze

4.4.1. Review Notes

4.4.2. Consolidate Key Points

4.4.3. Collect Highlight Reel

4.4.4. Compile Metrics Successful Task Completion Critical Errors Non-Critical Errors Error-Free Rate Time on Task Likes, Dislikes and Recommendations

4.4.5. Form Conclusion

4.4.6. Recommendations

4.4.7. Tips

4.5. Compile a study Results Document

4.5.1. list all problems suggested improvements missing functionality

4.5.2. Prioritize level of criticality Critical impactful some impact suggestion

5. Use Cases

5.1. Definition

5.1.1. Is this unique to this user group? Identify common use cases

5.1.2. What does success entail?

5.1.3. What's the happy path?

5.1.4. What's the business goal?

5.1.5. What's user's goal?

5.1.6. Description of how users performa tasks on your app

5.2. Best done during Process Formation

5.2.1. prior to design work

6. References