Stress and Perseverance

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Stress and Perseverance by Mind Map: Stress and Perseverance

1. Perseverance

1.1. You can accept failure, but you can't accept not trying.

1.2. You are only as strong as you allow yourself to be, never get discouraged, never give up because perseverance is the key to success.

1.3. Perseverance is just stubbornness with a purpose

2. How to get rid of stress

2.1. Take breaks during your work to prevent stress.

2.2. When you are too stressed just go outside or do something you enjoy

2.3. To get rid of stress calm down and take deep breaths to make yourself feel better.

3. Bad consequences of Stress

3.1. If you have too much stress your body can shut down or you can be to unhealthy

3.2. Stress can lead to mental breakdowns like in the Book Ender´s game where Ender is constantly getting stressed over the battle game at Battle School

3.3. Stress can make a person start eating unhealthy food which could damage their body long term.

4. How to avoid stress before it comes.

4.1. When you feel stress coming, think of positive things that will make you happy

4.2. Time management is a key to avoiding stress.  Making sure your schedule is filled with things you want to do and stuff you need to do helps to avoid stress

4.3. Looking at your lifestyle is a great way to avoid stress.  Making sure that you have a good sleeping schedule along with finding a balance between personal work, work, and family needs is a great way to avoid stress

5. Differences between Stress and Perseverance

5.1. Stress has many differences from perseverance.  In fact, they are pretty much opposites.

5.2. Stress brings people down, perseverance brings people up.

5.3. In Holes, by Louis Sachar, Stanley is stressed about having to dig a hole every day, which isn't helping him.  But he tells himself that the hole he is digging that day is the hardest, and that helps him persevere.

6. Stress

6.1. Stress can lead to people giving up on the task at hand

6.2. Don't stress, do your best. Keep calm and don't be stressed

6.3. The greatest weapon against stress is your ability to choose one over another.

7. Never Give Up

7.1. When going through a tough time just keep going

7.2. Never give up even if the problem is tough stay in it until the end.

7.3. Think about your goals and how important they are to you.

8. Believe In Yourself

8.1. Always think positive when you're under stress.

8.2. When under stress tell yourself that you can do it to give yourself confidence and the will to finish what you started.

8.3. If your about to take a test, motivate yourself and believe in yourself

9. How does stress turn into perseverance.

9.1. When you are stressed about something persevere through it.  In holes one of the characters named Stanley was really stressed about digging a hole in the dessert everyday for his entire sentence but, he perservered through that stress and did not give up while digging the holes.

9.2. When you are stressed over losing a big game just persevere through your day

9.3. Stress is just getting super worried about something. Persevere through your day.

10. How to persevere

10.1. To persevere you don't give up when the road is tough

10.2. Perseverance is stubbornness for a cause.

10.3. per·se·ver·ance steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.