Dusty's Mind Map

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Dusty's Mind Map by Mind Map: Dusty's Mind Map

1. How to Read

1.1. 1- 'So What?'

1.1.1. What is the article about

1.1.2. What are the key points

1.1.3. What is the conclusion

1.2. 2- Details

1.2.1. Read thoroughly after understanding the key points

1.3. 3-Critique

1.3.1. After you are able to fully understand what is written you should be able to critique the work.

2. How to Write

2.1. 1- ST.

2.1.1. Making a stand- Pick a topic, do light research and develop a thesis

2.2. 2- P

2.2.1. Point- What is the point, weather we are talking about the introductory paragraph to a large paper or each paragraph itself having an introductory sentence, the most important part of writing is that we convey a clear message to our intended audience.

2.3. 3-I

2.3.1. Information- Does our information back up the point we are making. We want enough information to get our point across but do not need to overwhelm the reader with irrelevant amounts of data.

2.4. 4-E

2.4.1. Explanation-(or examples) So what? How does this information apply to our stand and our point. Why is it relevant and how can I relate to this.

3. Academic Integrity

3.1. 1

3.1.1. Originality Even if we are using multiple sources to gather data and information we must ensure that the ideas we are expressing are original.

3.2. 2

3.2.1. honesty Using data sources and information is acceptable but we cannot portray it as our own original work

3.3. 3

3.3.1. cite Cite and reference all works used to avoid plagiarizing the works of others