Impact research agenda

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Impact research agenda by Mind Map: Impact research agenda

1. Employment Services

1.1. To what extent do job fairs increase employabilty?

1.2. What is the best way to integrate career guidance in the education system?

1.3. What is the additional input on job search assistance?

1.4. What is the impact of Employment Service Centres for refugees?

1.5. What is the impact of young people receiving employment service contracts with public agencies?

1.6. how can traditional employment services be adapted to informal work?

1.7. What is the influence of technology in job search?

2. Entrepreneurship

2.1. How to target and what are the tools to impact on gazelles?

2.2. What is the impact of leveraging the diaspora in increasing accessing to finance for youth?

2.3. What type of mentor profiles are most effective?

2.4. How to incentivize formalization?

2.5. When is the right moment to intervene with entrepreneurship education?

2.6. What is the impact of co-working spaces in providing a safe environment for young girls?

2.7. Does a value chain approach magnify project impacts on employment?

2.8. What is an ideal sequence of interventions to support youth entrepreneurship?

3. Skills development

3.1. What are the most important soft skills to influence labour market outcomes?

3.2. What is the impact of soft skills (life) combined with hard (technical) skills?

3.3. What is the best way to conduct demand driven training?

3.4. What is the optimal training length?

3.5. How to we improve the quality of trainers?

3.6. What is the impact of internship programmes?

3.7. What is the impact of skills training on retention rates?

3.8. What is the impact of female apprenticeship programmes?

4. Subsidized employment

4.1. What are the effects of temporary employment in cash for work schemes?

4.2. What are the effects of community infrastructure created as part of public works?

4.3. Does providing graduates with unconditional cash transfers increase employment