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Laurel by Mind Map: Laurel

1. Isabelle Nightingale

1.1. Is broken by the death of a relative

1.1.1. Isabelle's mother had passed away, and ever since she died, Isabelle had fallen apart. Her father had changed, and he no longer wanted to spend time with his family. He sent Isabelle away to boarding school , where she became a rebel and got kicked out of every school she enrolled in.

1.1.2. Laurel's sister had passed away, and Laurel wasn't the same after. She had always looked up to her sister, and she couldn't cope with not having her sister. Laurel's Mom bolted to California, and her father  had changed. She thought that she could never be as good as May. She became a rebel and started drinking and smoking.

2. Liesel Meminger

2.1. Feels abandoned by a relative

2.1.1. Liesel's Mother left her with a foster family when she was just a young child. She feels abandoned and hurt when her Mother leaves her. She feels as if she had been betrayed by someone that she loved so much. She keeps praying that her Mom would come back for her.

2.1.2. Laurel's Mother immediately leaves for California after May dies. Laurel feels like her Mother abandoned her family at the time that they needed her the most. She hopes that her mother will come home and fix the broken hearts back in Albuquerque.

3. Cadence Sinclair Eastman

3.1. Feels abandoned by someone they loved

3.1.1. After her accident, Cadence wonders why she never hears from Gat. They had had a wonderful relationship that she thought they were both serious about. She felt betrayed when she never received any contact from Gat. She assumed that he had gone back to his ex-girlfriend, but she at least expected an explanation from him.

3.1.2. Laurel had had a wonderful relationship with Sky. He had always protected her, and made her feel better when she was sad. He broke up with her, and never fully explained why. She felt upset that he would leave her, especially since he knew what she had been through.

4. Colin

4.1. In love with someone that left them

4.1.1. Colin is in love with Katherine, and doesn't want to deal with the fact that she dumped him. He continues to think that she is in love with him, and will give him a call. He refuses to believe that she is serious about the breakup.

4.1.2. Laurel is still madly in love with Sky, and she wants him to get back with her. She gets jealous when she sees him with other girls, and she wishes that they would get back together. She refuses to believe that they are over.

5. Agatha

5.1. Feels alone and like they don't fit in

5.1.1. Agatha feels like she was put in the wrong place. She feels alone and like a loser. She tries to fit in, but she always ends up screwing things up. She doesn't have many friends.

5.1.2. Laurel feels alone and friendless. She didn't handle the leap to high school and still acts like a middle schooler. She feels like she can't make real friends, and she is constantly pitied.