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Quantifiers by Mind Map: Quantifiers

1. With countable nouns

1.1. How many?

1.1.1. a few She has a few good friends.

1.1.2. a number (of) There are a number of tasks we need to do.

1.1.3. several We have to apply several changes.

1.1.4. a large number (of) There is a large number of PC-s connected to the Internet.

1.1.5. a great number (of) He has a great number of choices.

2. With uncountable nouns

2.1. How much?

2.1.1. a little He has a little knowledge about processors.

2.1.2. a bit (of) You need a little bit of luck.

2.1.3. a great deal of She has a great deal of potential.

2.1.4. a large amount of I won a large amount of money.

3. With countable and uncountable nouns

3.1. How many? or How much?

3.1.1. no/none She has no time to waste.

3.1.2. not any I haven't got any idea.

3.1.3. some (any) We have some time for rest.

3.1.4. a lot of I got a lot of gifts.

3.1.5. plenty of We have plenty of work.

3.1.6. lots of It has lots of opportunities.